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Windsor Academy Trust has the highest aspirations for all. Crucial to our success is the unlocking of personal as well as academic potential to grow character and a core set of values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.

Our students, teachers, support staff and parents understand, support and practise these values. Daily interaction between and amongst members of our community are based on these beliefs and have become a natural part of what we do and how we do it.

We aim, “To nurture a culture within our community that is largely self regulating (looks after itself), based on mutual respect (treat others as you wish to be treated), and allows for academic success and personal development”.

Here is how we live together within Windsor Academy Trust; we value and practise respect and responsibility.



  • for myself, other students and all adults, regardless of background, race, age, gender, disability, values, lifestyles, opinions or interests
  • for the property of the individual, group and school
  • by using language that is not offensive or abusive to others
  • by being open, honest, friendly, and accepting of others
  • by sharing ideas and opinions openly and thoughtfully
  • by not talking at key times and listening actively to the ideas and opinions of others


  • for controlling my own language and behaviour
  • for resolving conflicts and disagreements in an open, cooperative and peaceful way
  • for completing all work to the best of my ability
  • for managing my own time effectively
  • for asking for support and help when I need it
  • for ensuring my own physical and emotional well-being
  • for creating my own success
  • for seeking new challenges to extend my knowledge and skills