WAT came into being in 2012, when Windsor High School and Sixth Form, one of the first converter Academies, was approached by the Department of Education to be a sponsor.

This led to the formation of WAT and the creation of a new school, Goldsmith Primary Academy, replacing Harden Primary School on the same site. In November 2013 Green Rock Primary School joined the Trust becoming Rivers Primary Academy, again on the same site. Both Primary schools are close neighbours in Walsall.

The main sponsor school Windsor High School and Sixth Form has a long history and commitment to collaboration and cooperation stretching back to 2002 when it became a Specialist Sports College. As a hub centre, the school worked with a number of Primary and Secondary schools across South Dudley establishing curriculum and staffing links and developing quality assurance across the range of schools.


Windsor High School and Sixth Form

In 2004 Windsor became a Training School and so began a whole school commitment to the professional develop of the school workforce and the creation of a range of links with schools, agencies and a large number of Universities. Professional development is a key component of WATs work and is now based at the recently opened Windsor Business Centre in Halesowen, providing a bespoke and exclusive training venue.

In 2007 Windsor was one of the founding members of a local Trust which was one of the first nine such bodies to be created across the country. In defining outcomes, creating structures to smooth the organization and focusing upon combined impact this was an excellent preparation for the creation of WAT and demonstrate the history of collaboration and a philosophy of cooperation.

In 2010 Windsor added a Sixth Form becoming an 11-19 school for the first time since 1974.