Windsor High School and Sixth Form
Richmond Street
B63 4BB

Headteacher: Mr Stephen Lanckham

Tel:  0121 550 1452
Fax: 0121 585 0610

Windsor High School and Sixth Form

Founded in April 1939 Windsor High School and Sixth Form has a long history of serving the Halesowen Community. The school has changed its name and age range several times before becoming Windsor at the beginning of the 1990′s.

Having been an 11-16 school since 1983 the school successfully extended its age range opening a Sixth Form in 2010. Currently the school has just under 1700 students with around 250 in the Sixth Form itself.

In 2002 the school became a Specialist Sports College building a formidable local and national reputation for its innovative curriculum and student leadership programme. The extensive collaboration involved with this programme sowed the seeds for future developments based upon the mutual benefits of cooperation.

In subsequent years the specialisms of Training School, Science and Applied Education were bestowed upon the school and bringing additional resources to widen the educational opportunities for the students and professional development of its staff.

The school has excellent facilities having been very successful in attracting funding for building and development since 2000. There have been numerous new buildings added in this time bringing millions of pounds into the area in support of the students learning. The largest of these was the £7.5 million pounds awarded for the construction of the Sixth Form building whose modern and airy atmosphere greatly resembles a modern University.

In 2012 the Windsor Business Centre was opened in the heart of Halesowen and only a few hundred yards from the school site. This modern innovation set out to deliver study at post 16 in a commercial, business environment and caters for Business and Law students. It also provides an excellent venue for the delivery of the schools extensive training and professional development programme.

Windsor is a highly successful school with outstanding academic results and an extensive and rich extra-curricular programme. GCSE and A level results are regularly amongst the very best in the area and the additional opportunities provided by the extra-curricular activities ensure that Windsor students leave with good results and the quality of character development and experiences that are so necessary to be successful in the world of work and study.

Windsor became the first Converter Academy in Dudley being invited by the government to do so in light of its high performance and outstanding ofsted. Its innovative approach to Education and securing the best opportunities for its students led to the school being invited to sponsor a primary school in Walsall in 2012 and another in 2013 leading to the creation of WAT.

The school has a long history of collaboration and sharing of best practice firmly believing that by demonstrating the benefits of working together whilst pursuing its motto of ‘Excellence for All” Windsor students, and WAT students, will have the best possible foundations for future success.

In 2004 Windsor became a Training School and so began a whole school commitment to the professional develop of the school workforce and the creation of a range of links with schools, agencies and a large number of Universities. Professional development is a key component of WATs work and is now based at the recently opened Windsor Business Centre in Halesowen, providing a bespoke and exclusive training venue.

In 2007 Windsor was one of the founding members of a local Trust which was one of the first nine such bodies to be created across the country. In defining outcomes, creating structures to smooth the organization and focusing upon combined impact this was an excellent preparation for the creation of WAT and demonstrate the history of collaboration and a philosophy of cooperation.

In 2010 Windsor added a Sixth Form becoming an 11-19 school for the first time since 1974.







The Kingswinford School
Water Street
West Midlands

Headteacher: Mrs Bronwyn Hedley

Tel:  01384 296596
Fax: 01384 401098

The Kingswinford School

At The Kingswinford School we continue to pursue the highest standards of education and care for all of our students and staff.

We aim to lead a happy school where the atmosphere is calm, considerate and compassionate and where the rich diversity of talents and interests of all members of our school community are encouraged and nurtured.

The Kingswinford School is a super school with a well-deserved reputation for the highest of standards. Our students are happy, feel they belong here, feel safe and achieve many successes.  We are immensely proud of them.  Staff and students nurture wonderful relationships that help students to achieve their very best.

The Kingswinford School offers a rich and wide range of both academic and extra curricular activities and students make the most of opportunities available to them.

Our last full Ofsted inspection was extremely successful and The Kingswinford School was judged as a “Good school” (with outstanding features). We continually strive to ensure that we improve our provision.

The future of education holds many new challenges and The Kingswinford School is enthusiastically poised to meet them as we prepare our students for life long learning and success beyond school.