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What Makes WAT WAT?

Why we exist: a shared moral purpose

We exist for one simple moral purpose.

To unlock academic and personal potential

We want our students to aspire and to become all and more than they ever thought they could be. Students who know who they are and the sort of person they want to be; students who have discovered their passions; students who have high hopes and dreams for their futures and a clear sense of purpose; students who want to make a difference in their communities and in the world and therefore students who understand the importance and value of education as a powerful driver for the greater good.

The WAT ASPIRE Mountain, developed for our students, depicts a student at the summit of the Aspire Mountain where their academic and personal potential has been unlocked. WAT equips students with the compass, empowering them to navigate their way to their summit. The four points of the compass are:

  • knowledge
  • skills
  • values
  • attitudes

We put the compass in the student’s one hand and the world in the other.

windsor academy trust aspire framework v2

What we do

We develop high-performing schools that raise aspirations, inspire learning, build character and cultural capital, power social mobility and enable all students to thrive and make a difference in their communities and the world.

How we do things: WAT values

Everything we do is underpinned by five values:

  • Pride in Excellence: We have high expectations and work hard
  • Respect: We behave with integrity and honesty and foster equality
  • Responsibility: We all take personal and collective responsibility
  • Collaboration: We purposefully collaborate for the benefit of all
  • Bold/innovative: We are future thinking and shape the future

windsor academy trust values

How we succeed: WAT approach

Alongside our values, we have five components of the WAT Approach to accomplishing success that are embedded in our Powering into the Second Decade Strategy.

  • Alignment through collaboration - The ‘WAT Way’ sets out our codified approaches. These codified approaches are developed collaboratively and are grounded in research and informed by impactful practice
  • Inspire and develop people - We inspire and develop people and continuously strive for excellence
  • Grounded in research - We are consumers and generators of research and our approaches are informed by research
  • Keep things simple and communicate clearly - We ensure our message is understood and over communicated
  • Civic and system leadership - We collaborate, support others and make a real difference in our communities and to the education system expectations and work hard