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To think of different ideas and perspectives.

How to Achieve this in the Classroom

share 1Apply the skills you have mastered in one subject into a different subject. For example, use your persuasive writing skills from your English lessons in a history of geography lesson. Or present your French work using skills you have mastered in art?


think out of the boxWhen given a creative challenge such as writing a story, think hard about something that might be different to others' ideas. For example, writing from a different perspective or time period. Do not always go for your first idea!


winner 1Take part in competitions!

How to Achieve this around your School and Local Community

footprintsLearn about and imagine life from the perspective of someone else. Ask a friend or relative about their life and see what you can learng from someone who is different from you.


exercisePractise mindfulness, especially colouring, yoga, breathing and cooking.

Icons of Creativity

Pat McGrath Final


This year, makeup artist and entrepreneur Pat McGrath is the first ever makeup artist to receive the title of Dame for her services to the fashion and beauty industry and diversity. Her core values are self-expression and individuality, and she argues that “with hard work, creativity and perseverance, anything is possible”. She has focused her creative work on filling a gap in the beauty industry, championing diversity by creating inclusive and diverse makeup products for people of all ages, skin colours and genders.