I am respectful

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To treat someone or something with consideration.

How to Achieve this in the Classroom


Listen actively whenever a student or adult is speaking and let them know you are listening, perhaps by tracking them with your eyes.


clockGet learner ready and self-start the moment you enter a classroom.


bookRespect the topic you are learning about; use tier 3 vocabulary, ask questions and consider how this topic connects to your life.


TIer 3 Vocab v2

How to Achieve this around your School and Local Community

police uniform

Wear your uniform with pride.


thank youUse respectful manners and language around school, using 'please' and 'thank you' and offer to help others.


feelingsAsk some how they are!


suggestionRespect everyone's views and experiences..


recyclePick up litter and recycle; help our planet to recover by adopting sustainable practices, securing the future of the next generation. 


kindnessGive back; find a way of thanking someone. Treat others how you wish to be treated.

Icons of Respectability

David Attenborough Final


 Sir David Attenborough is a natural historian and a journalist. Throughout his career he has shown, and has demanded from people around the world, respect and responsibility for the natural world. He has dedicated his life to raising awareness of the impact that humans are having on the future of animals, plants, oceans and the biosphere across the globe. He has led campaigns for people to switch to renewable energy, to identify areas in need of natural preservation and to dramatically reduce plastic pollution. He argues that “we must respect rather than exploit the wonders of nature.