I am responsible


To act knowing that our choices will lead to certain outcomes.

How to Achieve this in the Classroom

Be Prepared for Excellence by taking responsibility for:

voiceYour actions and your language.


penBringing the right equipment for the day.


broomKeep the room tidy and your equipment/workspace tidy; ask how you can help to hand out equipment, etc


earYour learning; listen carefully to instructions and look closely at examples of the skill you are aiming to master. And, if you think you might have missed something, ask for help!

How to Achieve this around your School and Local Community

travel luggageSign up to clubs and trips on offer, especially if they link directly to your ASPIRE Sentence!


conversationReport any issues you see, whether it is to do with the building or the environment to an adult.


charityVolunteer to help whenever you see an opportunity, whether it is a small act such as holding open a door or letting someone sit in your seat on the bus, or taking part in volunteering events.