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EmpowerED and Apple: A Day of Insight at Goldsmith Primary Academy

9th May 2024

At Windsor Academy Trust, we take pride in our innovative approaches to education. A recent highlight was a visit from Apple to Goldsmith Primary Academy, part of our ongoing EmpowerED initiative. This visit not only showcased our commitment to digital innovation but also reinforced our partnership with Apple, highlighting the successful integration of technology in our classrooms.

The Visit:

On the 2nd of May, Goldsmith Primary Academy was buzzing with excitement and anticipation as we welcomed Apple’s education team. The day was meticulously planned to ensure a comprehensive showcase of how EmpowerED is making a tangible difference in our educational environment and most importantly, how our strategy is landing in our schools.

Morning Sessions:

The day started with a warm welcome and introduction by Sonya Lanckham, who outlined the EmpowerED strategy, followed by Leanne Bridgwood setting the context for the day’s activities. Their presentations provided a foundation, emphasising our strategy’s goal: unlocking academic and personal potential through digital innovation.

Following the introductions, we embarked on a classroom tour. This segment was crucial as it demonstrated EmpowerED’s impact firsthand, showing how our students and teachers utilise digital technology to enhance teaching and learning. We saw first hand how explanation and modelling as well as formative assessment and feedback were being augmented through digital technology.  

Student and Staff Insights:

One of the most impactful sessions was the presentation by our students. They shared their personal experiences with digital technology, discussing how it has helped them thrive as learners. Their stories were a testament to EmpowerED’s success in making education more accessible and engaging. Their discussions centred around metacognition and sel;f-regulation and how digital technology helps them thrive through feedback, using ‘voice notes’ to listen to teacher explanations and accessibility features such as Zoom. 

Here’s what some of our students shared:

Aydin, Year 6: "Using the iPad helps me to become a more creative and independent learner." Aydin’s feedback reflects our commitment to fostering environments that nurture both academic and personal growth.

Bettany, Year 6: "Using the iPad's accessibility features, my teacher can make learning easier for all pupils in my class." This aligns perfectly with our goal to build inclusive educational environments that cater to the needs of every student.

Tobi, Year 6: "The iPads let us express ourselves and complete our work in ways that work best for us." Tobi’s remarks underscore our drive to empower students to learn in ways that best suit their individual needs and styles.

The staff presentation was equally enlightening. A group of Apple-certified Teachers and Learning Coaches, alongside senior leaders, discussed the significant role digital technology plays across our educational levers. This session highlighted the professional development and empowerment of our staff, ensuring they are equipped to bring out the best in our students.

Strategic Discussions and Reflections:

Post-lunch, we travelled to WAT Great Wyrley for a strategic discussion. This session allowed us to reflect on the day's learning and discuss the future of our partnership with Apple. We explored successes and areas for growth, planning the next steps for our case study with Apple. This dialogue was instrumental in setting the direction for continued innovation and improvement.


The visit from Apple to Goldsmith Primary Academy was more than just a demonstration of technology; it was a validation of our EmpowerED initiative’s effectiveness. As we continue to integrate cutting-edge technology into our teaching practices, we remain committed to unlocking the vast potential of every student in the WAT family.

Join us on this transformative journey. Stay updated with our progress and achievements by following our blog and social media channels. Together, we are setting new standards in educational excellence and innovation.