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Specialist NPQs – Recognising the Diversity of Middle Leader Development Needs

2nd June 2021 – Tags: Leadership Development, NPQs

By Alison Halford, CPL Consultant, Windsor Academy Trust

Time for Change 

For the last nine years, Windsor Academy Trust has been delivering NPQML programmes and, before that, the Middle Leadership Development Programme (MLDP). 

Hundreds of middle leaders have joined Windsor Academy Trust for career changing development that has opened up new possibilities and given them the confidence to maximise their impact in school.

But as I have supported middle leaders to create school improvement projects that build on their current roles and challenge their development, it has become clear that the diversity and responsibility of middle leaders roles have broadened. 

Middle leaders in pastoral roles have sometimes found it hard to create a project that was rooted in their role and also suitable to meet the requirements of the assessment process.

Therefore, it is with great joy that we can start talking to CPD leads in schools about the new specialist NPQs that will give focused development opportunities that acknowledge more appropriately school roles.

An expert partner 

At Windsor Academy Trust, we are pleased to have selected a partner for these programmes with deep expertise in creating CPD. 

After an extensive review of the various providers, we were convinced by the values and capabilities of the Teacher Development Trust (TDT) - a charity that has championed school improvement, supporting hundreds of schools, publishing research and regularly advising the government. 

Launching the new specialist NPQ programmes 

So we can now promote the three new specialist national professional qualifications and how these will be delivered. With groups commencing in Autumn 2021, after half term, or February 2022, we have three new specialist qualifications.

The NPQ for Leading Behaviour and Culture will be powerful for all pastoral leadership roles, enabling you to access excellent research and practice to create strong engagement and an environment for learning. 

For those whose past projects focused on supporting SEND groups, improving attendance, engaging at risk groups or developing student character programmes, this qualification will really suit you, bringing you together in face-to-face and virtual groups with other leaders focused on the things that occupy you!

npq for leading culture and behavior

The NPQ for Leading Teaching will support you to develop expertise and leadership in the art, craft and science of effective teaching, learning, curriculum and assessment. 

This qualification is crammed with all of the best, current research to ensure the teaching that you lead in your department, subject or year group will generate maximum effectiveness for children. Not only will your own practice be benefited by inputs such as the webinars from national thought leaders, but you will develop your ability to review and evaluate the practice of others to bring about change.

Finally, the NPQ for Leading Teacher Development is another exciting new development that I believe will be welcomed as an opportunity for middle and senior leaders alike. 

Whether you are a lead mentor engaged in the development of early career teachers, leading teaching and learning across a school or structuring progression opportunities to develop talented staff, the opportunity is there to benefit from this programme. 

You will explore with colleagues how to identify professional learning needs and design and deliver impactful training experiences, including coaching and mentoring.

Your location is no barrier 

The structure of delivery through the Teacher Development Trust is excellent. You will start each term with a national webinar where you join a larger cohort to access national and international contributions. Then you will attend a half termly virtual session with a local facilitator and a termly face to face session where you will get to know colleagues from your local area. 

With only three times on the programme where you will travel, these programmes are accessible from across a wider area. All of this is scaffolded by online learning that you can access at your own pace. Plus, all of these qualifications TDT has aligned to the Chartered College of Teaching’s Chartered Teacher and Chartered Leader status, providing a springboard for the next steps for school leaders.

Start a conversation for your school 

So it is with great excitement, we have started having conversations with CPL leads about these qualifications for staff and access to funding where it looks as though scholarships might be available. 

If you would like more information about funding possibilities for your school or a chat about the right qualifications for staff, then fill in the form below, and I will arrange a call with you.

How to apply

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