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npqh and additional support offer helping new headteachers succeed
8 Dec 2021

NPQH and the Additional Support Offer - Helping New Headteachers Succeed

The NPQH and Additional Support Offer provides targeted support for new headteachers. Learn about these fully funded programmes and how they help new headteachers succeed.

specialist npqs at windsor academy trust
2 Jun 2021

Specialist NPQs – Recognising the Diversity of Middle Leader Development Needs

The diversity and responsibility of middle leaders roles in schools have broadened. Discover how the new specialist NPQs give focused development opportunities more appropriate to middle leader roles.

a guide to new npqs
1 Apr 2021

New NPQs: A Guide and Register Your Interest

Three exciting new NPQs have been created marking the next phase of leadership development for teachers.  Find out more about these programmes, why they are a welcome addition and who they will support, and register your interest for further details.