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Thinking in Colour: Celebrating Student Creativity at Windsor Academy Trust

10th May 2024

At Windsor Academy Trust, there is a consistent sense of amazement at the incredible potential and creative prowess of the students. The recent success of the student filmmakers in the "WAT a Movie!" competition stands as a testament to this vibrant creativity and the supportive environment nurtured by the WAT family.

This year’s winning film, aptly titled "Think in Colour," compellingly explores how body language and outlook can initially repel or attract interactions and how positive changes can transform everyday experiences. The film follows a series of encounters that start negatively due to misunderstandings and adverse reactions but transition into positive and inclusive interactions as the characters evolve in their attitudes and perceptions.

Under the guidance of Dave Cotterill, the WAT Head of Performance, and with support from Martin Lopez, the Head of Marketing, and Joel Elford, Marketing Apprentice, the students utilised top-notch equipment and professional editing tools provided by the central team. However, the true essence of the film—the story, narrative, message, and acting—was purely the innovation of the students.

Grace, Belle, Jess, Alfie, and Freya, all Cheslyn Hay Academy students, brought their unique vision to life in this short but impactful film. Each frame and scene crafted by these young talents was designed to convey significant messages about empathy, support, and the importance of a positive outlook. The student support centre features prominently in the video, symbolising the help and guidance available within the community that empowers students to overcome challenges and embrace a brighter perspective.

The climax of the film is marked by Jess's transformative smile, a powerful symbol of change and newfound positivity. It’s a poignant reminder of the difference a day can make when approached with an open heart and mind.

The Trust is proud to share this outstanding piece of student work with the wider community. It’s not just a film; it’s a reflection of what students can achieve with the right support and opportunities. This project was more than a competition; it was a journey of growth, learning, and expression for everyone involved.

Let’s continue to think in colour, not just in films, but in daily life at Windsor Academy Trust, fostering an environment where everyone is encouraged to look beyond the black and white and embrace the spectrum of the community’s colours.

Warm congratulations are extended to the young filmmakers! Their hard work, passion, and creativity not only brought their vision to life but also enriched the WAT family. They continue to inspire with their vibrant stories and innovative spirits.