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What are the benefits of iPads in school?

iPads are a powerful educational tool that increase student engagement and inspire creativity.

They can be used for a huge range of purposes that bring the curriculum to life and provide endless learning possibilities. Students can collaborate on classwork in and out of school and access additional resources with ease.

iPads offer a huge range of benefits including:

  • the improvement in students’ maths, English and communication skills, and an increase in achievement (as shown by research from other similar projects)
  • the development of essential digital skills required for a student’s future career
  • the ability to bring topics and knowledge to life in visual and creative ways
  • making learning more engaging and relevant to students by learning through media and technology they are used to
  • enhanced marking, assessment and feedback for students
  • seamless integration with a wide range of products, including Google Classroom.

How much is the parental contribution? 

Having logged into the portal, you can go to the “Choose Your iPad” tab and click through the options we have made available. As you click through to the bottom of the page, the payment amount will be shown. Notice that where the first option is a monthly payment of £16 for 33 months or a single upfront payment of £510.50 can be made.  The upfront option is slightly cheaper as the payment portal only has to collect a single payment rather than multiple direct debits (33 times). A similar package including all of the elements provided in the iPads for learning programme would cost well in excess of £600.  In addition, many schemes run in other schools are lease schemes where the iPad does not become your property once the last payment has been made. 

What happens when the scheme finishes?

At the end of the contribution scheme, parents will own the iPad outright. To be clear: this is a Windsor Academy Trust iPad until the end of the scheme, and then it is yours.

How are we going to prevent students whose parents cannot afford this or don’t have access at home from being disadvantaged?

Families who feel that they are unable to afford the full amount in this payment plan are invited to contact their school directly in order to discuss the financial contribution parents are able to afford and the financial help that may be available to enable your child to have an iPad for learning.  

What if we don’t want to take part?

We strongly believe that iPads for Learning will significantly enhance teaching, learning and student outcomes. Evaluation from similar projects at other schools shows this is this case. 

While we would encourage all families to take part, it is your right to choose not to do so. We may be able to provide a very limited number of iPads for loan during school time but these would not be able to be taken home. If we do not get support from the vast majority of parents then the scheme will have to be reviewed.

Why can’t the school cover the cost of the iPads?

Nationally education funding is increasingly stretched. The funding we are able to allocate to digital technology needs to cover a multitude of things including our network, ICT school devices, teachers devices', printers, Wi-Fi, software and apps etc. iPads for Learning is over and above this, which is why we have to ask our families to make a contribution. Without that help of parents/guardians, the programme would not be able to go ahead.

Why should parents use this project when they can buy directly?

The iPad provided is purchased through the Windsor Academy Trust with special educational discount pricing. Additionally, it comes with a bespoke warranty to cover the 33 months of the payment plan and comprehensive insurance plan which will cover accidental damage and theft (or the iPad device but not the Logitech pencil). If the iPad is damaged or broken, it will be replaced or repaired extremely quickly with no cost to parents in the first instance. Subsequent incidences of loss will have a £50 excess which will be charged to the parents concerned. In addition, the iPad comes with a Logitech Crayon (digital pencil) and a case which will help to protect the iPad from accidental damage (and is an essential part of the insurance contract requirements and as such no other case may be substituted and used by your child for the duration of the 33 month payment plan). Finally, the device has management and security/safeguarding software installed.  A similar package including all of the elements in the iPads for learning package would cost well in excess of £600. 

Dealing with warranty queries regarding device failure will be consistent with every student/parent and it will be stress free. The device will have additional cover provided by Windsor Academy Trust and extended beyond the standard Apple warranty in the first year. Devices which have failed will be replaced by the trust once the failed device is returned to the school. No plan available elsewhere comes close.

Which model of iPad will be provided?

We will provide an iPad to all pupils in the first phase of this project (across all schools in the Windsor Academy Trust family who are in years 4 and 7). This will be the absolute latest release which is the 8th generation iPad with Wi-Fi and 32 GB. It comes complete with charger cable in the box but is not a cellular enabled version. This iPad comes with some amazing accessibility features to help students with particular needs.  This model will integrate with the infrastructure investments made by the trust in each of the schools and will support your child's education over the next 3 years. 

Are people making profit out of the parental contribution monthly payments i.e. is there an interest rate?

Windsor Academy Trust is not making any profit from this project. All money is used to fund the cost of the iPads, cases, warranty, insurance and the fee for parents to own the iPad. Windsor Academy Trust has invested significantly in Apple TV’s in schools, staff devices and much more to reduce parental contributions. 

The insurance company, like any insurance company, does have its margin added, and there is a small management charge from the company providing the payment portal and management of the financial transactions.

What happens if my income is affected midway through the purchase and I can no longer afford to pay?

Should a family face financial challenges in the first instance, this should be discussed with the school. A solution would be based around each individual on a case by case basis.

What happens if my child loses their iPad?

The insurance does not cover loss. If your child loses their device, it must be reported as lost immediately by emailing or phoning 03332 400 999 during business hours. The device will then be put into Lost or Stolen mode. When this mode is activated, the iPad will be locked which will prevent it from being used. The iPad will also beep continuously showing its location. When this mode is activated then the last known location of the device becomes available to the IT team. This location will continue to update if the iPad is moved. This will help us to find your child's iPad. Pupils and parents / carers are responsible for taking care of the iPad including ensuring it is not lost. As such it is recommended that the iPad only be taken between school and home and is not taken/used anywhere else.

What happens if my child’s iPad is stolen?

Advice for parents/carers

The safety and wellbeing of our young people is our highest priority. Pupils should follow advice from children’s charities and safety lessons they receive in school on how to stay safe on their journey to and from school (like this advice from the NSPCC.) In addition, we also ask pupils to consider the below advice on how to look after their iPad on the journey to and from school. The key thing to remember is that in the unlikely event that someone your child does not know asks them for their iPad, they are to give it to them immediately. If an iPad is lost or stolen, it will not work for anyone else. We can lock any iPad that is reported missing, and we will then track its location and pass this information to the police.

Advice for primary students

Always keep your iPad in its specially made case. This will keep it safe if it’s accidentally dropped, and it will protect the screen from anything else in your bag. When you are travelling between school and home, keep your iPad in your bag, out of sight. This will help make sure that your iPad does not get damaged or lost. You should only use your iPad outside when your teacher asks you to. Only use your iPad where you can hold it carefully. Accidents are more likely to happen if you’re moving around or when you’re on the bus or train. Wait until you get home or to school before you use it. If you damage or lose your iPad, don’t worry! Just tell your parents and teacher as soon as possible. If we follow these rules we can keep our iPads safe!

Advice for older students

Always keep your iPad in its specially made case. This will keep it safe if it’s accidentally dropped, and it will protect the screen from anything else in your bag. Please ensure that when you are on the move you keep your iPad in your bag. Expert advice on how to stay safe when travelling to and from school is to keep your mobile phone and other valuables out of sight. If anyone you do not know takes your iPad or asks you for it, let them take it. Then tell a parent when it is safe to do so, and report this to the police. Please let your academy know as soon as possible when you return to school. When we know that your iPad is missing, we can lock it so no one else can use it. We will then track your iPad’s location and we will give this information to the police​.

If your childs device is stolen it must be reported as stolen immediately by emailing the IT service desk or phoning 03332 400 999 during business hours. The device will then be put into Lost or Stolen mode. When this mode is activated, the iPad will be locked which will prevent it from being used. The iPad will also beep continuously showing its location. When this mode is activated then the last known location of the device becomes available to the IT team. This location will continue to update if the iPad is moved. This will help us to find your child's iPad. If the iPad was stolen when away from school, then you are asked to also report the theft to the police and provide the crime number to the school and the IT service desk. The IT service desk will provide location information obtained from the iPad lost or stolen mode to the police. If the iPad is unable to be retrieved then we will use this crime number to make a claim for a replacement iPad under the insurance policy. 

What happens if my child's iPad is accidentally damaged?

Your child's iPad is covered under the insurance policy you receive from being part of the trust scheme. Under the first claim, the iPad will be repaired (and if necessary replaced) with no additional charge or change to monthly payments. However for any subsequent claims of accidental damage there will be an excess of £50 payable by the parent before the insurance claim can be processed.

What technical support will my child's school be providing?

  • Staff within each school have been trained to support iPad use and we will be able to help your child.
  • The School technical support staff will also provide technical support to your child during school hours, in the usual way
  • Our iPad supplier, Jigsaw24, offers helpdesk support as part of their service to the school
  • The iPad will be linked to the school's software management system, which allows us to reset lost passcodes, install school apps and books for you and more. Note that this system does not allow us to see personal documents, emails, pictures etc. This is for safety and management purposes only.

How will the iPad impact on the quality of students' handwriting?

Students will still be expected to handwrite work alongside using their iPad. The iPad will be used to store work electronically making it easier to find, search and review. In addition, students can photograph handwritten work on their iPad.

Will the iPads be of any use in tests and exams?

Many in school quizzes and tests will be undertaken using the iPad and complemented where appropriate with handwritten responses. In school quizzes and tests undertaken using the iPad will allow swift and precise feedback to accelerate learning. Students in a number of countries around the world sit their exams electronically (rather than paper based) and our government are currently reviewing exam arrangements in this country. We want to ensure that students in our schools are prepared for the future no matter the format of national exams. The iPad is also proving to be a powerful revision tool.

Why are students getting individual iPads as opposed to a class set of iPads?

  • iPads will be fully integrated into our curriculum and used by students both in school during lessons and at home as part of remote learning. With the current challenge we all face with Covid-19 all students having a personal iPad will ensure learning is seamless whether in school or, if the situation demands, remotely. 
  • iPads will become part of a student’s essential equipment and they will save work on an app that can be accessed by teachers for marking, assessment and feedback
  • Each student with their own device means that they take real ownership of the device and look after it, learn how to use it effectively and develop appropriate skills in its usage
  • Research shows that there are many different ways in which young minds grow and understand the world. A personal device gives each learner the flexibility they need to maximise their potential. A class set could never allow that customisation.

How will we ensure that students can use their iPads safely online?

  • When students are using the iPads in school they will only be able to visit websites that are safe. School’s filtering systems will block inappropriate websites
  • We have invested in software to also protect the students when they are on their devices at home. Not only does this software block and filter content of an inappropriate nature, it can also alert school leaders if a student searches for something that is inappropriate or unsafe
  • We have an e-safety policy and an acceptable use policy to ensure that students are aware of how to keep themselves safe online
  • These iPads will be fully managed devices and that means that the staff are able to control the student iPads, allowing access to only certain apps and even directing the iPads in class to a particular app or webpage
  • Staff iPads will be deployed with an app called Apple classroom. This allows teachers to monitor groups of students in their class enabling them to see every student iPad in the group in real time and see what is on their screen, in order to facilitate this method of teaching and learning.

Will students spend all day staring at a computer screen?

  • Training will focus on effective short term use of the iPad. It will not be used in every lesson, throughout the lesson.
  • Many of the uses will involve using the video camera or working collaboratively with other students.
  • A lesson with heavy iPad use may see it used as a quizzing tool at the start, to carry out 10 minutes of independent research in the middle and to photograph written work to swap with a fellow student to peer.

What happens to the students' work if the iPad is lost, broken etc?

Nearly all  work would be stored in the cloud using Google Suite  and these files would not be affected. As the iPad will have been backed up regularly, students will be able to restore the files and settings onto their new iPad using iCloud.

What happens if a student forgets to charge their iPad?

Students should ensure that they fully charge their iPad overnight to be ready for the beginning of each school day. Should an iPad need to be charged, it may be able to be charged in the classroom but it is the parent/pupils responsibility to ensure that they come to school each day prepared for their lessons

What happens if my child forgets to bring their iPad into class?

It is extremely important that every child remembers to bring their iPads into school every day. Persistent failure to bring their iPad or forget to have it charged, will mean that your child is not prepared for learning and may result in a sanction. If they forget their iPad, there is no guarantee of a loan device for the day. They will be provided with suitable materials to write and record the work by other means. Teachers will record the fact that they did not have the device with them.

What happens if a student does not have Internet access at home?

Please talk to your child's school and we will explore how we can help with wifi access. 

If a student does not have access to the Internet at home then the iPad can still be used but will lose some of its effectiveness. 

While the student will not be able to access online services, they would still be able to work on most apps that are installed on the iPad and create new files\content.

They will have to save this content on their iPad and then back it up once they return to school and are connected to the Internet.

Essential resources such as textbooks made by their teacher can be downloaded directly onto their iPad while they are at school.

What happens if I change my mind in a few months’ time?

Windsor Academy Trust has already made a significant upfront investment into  iPads and associated technology and iPads for Learning are fully integrated into our curriculum, it is therefore not possible to change your mind. This is a commitment to maximising student learning and progress and is based upon support from parents/guardians. If a parent's financial position changes during the payment period then, in the first instance, this should be discussed with the school. A solution would be based around each individual on a case by case basis.

Can’t I go and buy a cheaper computer/tablet elsewhere?

We strongly encourage parents to purchase their child’s device through the Windsor Academy Trust scheme. Any devices not sourced through the scheme would have to fulfil a minimum specification of 32GB with Wi-Fi and Support iOS 14. We suggest as a minimum the 2018 iPad 6th Generation and the parents would need to agree that the device would be used solely as a teaching and learning device and as such become part of our centrally managed devices. You may be able to buy a cheaper device elsewhere, but this isn’t just about the device. iPad’s for Learning provides a device that is fully compatible with our school systems, has access to essential apps and learning resources for teaching and learning, and is covered by a bespoke, internal warranty and insurance plan. A similar package including all of the elements provided by the iPads for Learning programme would cost well in excess of £600. 

Lessons are planned on the basis that each student has the same device and students can use their iPad at school and at home.

Why start with years 4 and 7? 

We have started this programme in Year 4 in primary to accelerate learning in their three year build up towards SATs. Year 7 in secondary have also been selected as it is early in their secondary education and the use of iPads will support and expedite their learning throughout secondary school.  These years will have time to become well familiarised with the use of technology before they reach these critical examination years. 

Will/when will iPads for Learning be rolled out across other year groups?

Our aim is that iPads for Learning will be rolled out to all year groups in a staged and phased approach. Once we have completed a successful roll out to years 4 and 7 we will turn our attention to the introduction of iPads for other year groups.  


Why can my child not put other apps onto this device for use at home?

During the parent information evenings we shared with you that the iPads will be operated through a managed Apple ID (rather than a personal Apple ID). This enables the school to ensure that applications on the device are safe and have an appropriate educational focus. Maintaining the integrity of ‘iPads for Learning’ is important to us.

Some parents have raised questions about wanting greater flexibility with the device when it is at home. Enabling students to add on their own applications (e.g. social media or non-educational games) would mean switching daily from a personal Apple ID at home to a school managed Apple ID during the school day. For various reasons, this daily management is not a practical or safe solution.

Having listened to your feedback, we recognise that some degree of flexibility is important. As a result, we have made the decision to take the restrictions off the iPad  during school holidays. This will enable a personal Apple ID login and the flexible use of applications during the holiday period. It will be parents’ responsibility to ensure that the iPad is used safely at home. 

Moving forward, we will continue to monitor this approach.   

If I relocate and my child leaves the school and I have signed up to make monthly payments, what happens then?

 If your child leaves school during the contribution term you should  contact the school and either agree to return the equipment or pay the outstanding balance to purchase the equipment.

What if I don’t want to us the parent portal or pay by Direct Debit?

 It would be impossible for us to administer and manage this process for thousands of pupils without the use of an experienced third party. CPU is a dedicated service for parents to make regular contributions to Schools 1:1 schemes via Direct Debit. In addition, the CPU Mobile Learning scheme is fully covered by insurance provided by Great American International Insurance (UK) Ltd who work in partnership with CPU.


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