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school improvement and performance at windsor academy trust

School Improvement and Performance

Our School improvement model secures improvement through the formula of ‘strategy + capacity + pace = improvement’. Our model positions Windsor Academy Trust as a ‘capacity giver’ and schools in our family see themselves as ‘capacity givers’ and ‘capacity receivers’ over a period of time.

Windsor Academy Trust School Improvement Model


Our school improvement model focuses first on diagnosis. This ensures that robust strategies and approaches are in place so that we are effective in diagnosing the strengths and priorities for improvement at trust, school, phase/subject, classroom and student levels. 

Our approach includes assessment, data handling, data analysis, self-review, peer- review, external review, quality assurance, research, targets and predictions.


The next stage in our approach is improvement. This stage is laser focused on the priorities for improvement and includes: curriculum, teaching and learning, continuous professional learning,  leadership development, talent management, subject and phase development, staff deployment and behaviour.

A differentiated approach to school improvement

We have developed an approach to school improvement that is differentiated to drive improvement through four stages of the school improvement journey:

  1. Stabilise
  2. Repair
  3. Improve
  4. Sustain

Windsor Academy Trust School Improvement Pyramid

windsor academy trust school improvement pyramid