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teaching and learning at windsor academy trust

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning sits at the heart of our WAT family. It is our core purpose as teacher effectiveness unlocks both the personal and academic potential of our learners.

Our teaching and learning vision

Our vision for teaching and learning is:

to engage, enthuse and inspire every lesson, every day

Our vision is underpinned by 10 teaching and learning principles which have been developed with our staff. This journey has empowered our staff to create an understood language for teaching and learning and to equip us with clarity and consistency

Our 10 teaching and learning principles

  1. Questioning by All
  2. Differentiated Challenge
  3. Personalised Feedback
  4. Purposeful Assessment
  5. Independence
  6. Positive Learning Climate
  7. Review Learning and Progress
  8. Sharing the Big Picture
  9. Modelling and Scaffolding
  10. Relevance, Pace, Variety

All members of our trust family are committed to continuous improvement and strive to be even better. This culture has been developed through the creation of both a learning community and teaching community. 

If we create a culture where every teacher believes they need to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better, there is no limit to what we can achieve - Dylan Wiliam

Our strategic approaches to developing teacher effectiveness are shown below.

ASPIRE - Delivering academic success for our students

We are proud of our track record in delivering academic success to our students. This has been the result of a close collaboration between staff and students. 

Our students take responsibility for developing a core set of characteristics, attitudes and behaviours that are fundamental to success. This is known as our ASPIRE framework:

  • Active in our learning
  • Sure we can improve
  • Positive in our attitude
  • Imaginative in our thinking
  • Resilient when things go wrong
  • Effort – we always give 100%
ASPIRE and Learner Rucksack Model 1200x720

Aspire framework

Developing teaching through innovation and research

Teachers in Windsor Academy Trust are reflective practitioners who enjoy developing their teaching practice. 

Our teachers are involved in innovations and research, presenting every year at a large practitioner-led research conference. They access Chartered College for Teaching research and network with other schools at events, benefitting from our Trust being a Chartered College of Teaching regional hub. A Pedagogy Champion team represents all schools across our family and really drives this activity.

Teachers share their practice actively, through “in the Spotlight” sessions, via a series of open classroom opportunities and through the use of IRIS to record and reflect on classroom practice. 

WAT “Hotspots” of great practice are identified and shared including at our Trust annual conference. Great practice is captured for the future too on our extensive range of blog tiles on our teaching and learning website.

All of these activities are examples of a collaborative environment where teachers talk about teaching, observe each other teaching, plan, organise and evaluate together and teach together.

As well as growing strong leadership we also provide a wide range of professional development activities for teachers. WAT Associates, Lead Practitioners, Specialist Leaders of Education and Chartered Teachers are all pathways that can develop and grow even more excellent teaching for the future.

WAT Sunshine Model

Our vision for Teaching and Learning is to engage, enthuse and inspire every lesson, every day. We have a clear framework and language as shown in our Sunshine Model which has been co-constructed by our staff and rooted in robust research evidence (Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction and What Makes Great Teaching). This journey has empowered our staff to reclaim the language of Teaching and Learning and to equip us with clarity and consistency.

wat sunshine model

The WAT Sunshine Model