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NPQ for Leading Primary Maths (NPQLPM)

The National Professional Qualification for Leading Primary Maths will equip you with the knowledge, skills, experience and network to know how to lead Maths in a primary phase or whole-school. This course builds on the knowledge you already have as an experienced teacher or middle leader, in addition to your prior learning about Maths mastery, and focuses on what you need to know and be able to do to effectively lead the Maths practice of others.

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What you'll learn

  • How to develop colleagues’ Maths teaching and lesson design
  • How to develop and implement a coherent Maths curriculum that supports pupils’ long term learning in Maths
  • How to develop a school culture where staff and pupils have a positive attitude to Maths
  • How to lead a culture of professional learning and continuous improvement for colleagues
  • How to support colleagues to adapt their teaching for different pupil needs
  • How to create assessments and feedback systems that enable colleagues to know the next steps to be successful in teaching Maths to their pupils
  • How to plan and deliver changes and improvements across your setting in Maths teaching and learning

How you'll learn

  • Local seminars: extend your learning with an expert, school leader facilitator, build your network and apply your learning to your own context.
  • Virtual school visits: visit some of the country’s leading schools, learning about how they have developed and improved their practice over time to deliver exceptional outcomes and experiences for young people.
  • Online masterclasses: hear school-based sector experts sharing best practice from their context and experience.
  • Online practice clinics: apply your learning to scenarios and to your own context, trouble-shooting with an expert school-based practice lead.
  • Online self-studies: learn cutting-edge research and how it is being applied successfully in schools.

Who is it for?

  • Teachers and leaders with responsibility for leading maths across a primary key-stage or school, or those who want to have this responsibility, who also have a secure level of understanding mastery approaches to teaching primary maths* and wish to improve leadership skills in this area.
  • Subject leaders in a school already engaged in the primary teaching for Mastery programme (or similar programme example)

*This should come through a minimum of 1 year's participation of the Maths Hubs Teaching for Mastery programme, or a programme equivalent


The DfE has now confirmed that all state schools are eligible for fully-funded places on the NPQLPM Autumn 2024 cohort.