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The NPQ for SENCOs, delivered in partnership with Windsor Academy Trust, is an essential qualification for UK school leaders focused on supporting pupils with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND). This programme prepares SENCOs to implement inclusive practices and meet all statutory requirements effectively. It combines online and in-person learning, facilitated by experienced SENCOs and grounded in the latest educational research.

Mandatory for all new SENCOs within their first three years of appointment (excluding those with prior qualifications or appointments before September 2009), the curriculum is designed to foster a supportive school culture and enhance teaching strategies to benefit pupils with SEND.

Offered through Windsor Academy Trust, the programme is structured to fit the busy schedules of educational professionals, featuring flexible learning options and requiring minimal time commitment. Fully funded by the DfE for state schools, this NPQ provides a valuable opportunity for SENCOs to advance their careers and make a significant impact on their students' educational journeys.

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Who is the NPQ for SENCO'S for?

The NPQ for SENCOs is mandatory for all practising and aspiring SENCOs*. They will need to complete this qualification within their first three years in the role.

*Please note that SENCOs who have already obtained the NASENCO qualification do not need to complete the NPQ for SENCOs, as well as SENCOs appointed before 1 September 2009.

What you'll learn

  • How to create a culture of high expectations and achievement for all pupils, allowing those with SEND to flourish
  • How to enact the statutory framework and meet all compliance aspects of the role of SENCO
  • How to deploy colleagues and resources to support individual pupils to overcome particular barriers
  • Reviewing pupil progress and adjusting plans in consultation with stakeholders
  • Supporting teachers and leaders to plan and adapt lessons to suit the needs of all pupils
  • Fostering the motivation of pupils with SEND and ensuring they are supported by school culture and climate
  • How to lead, monitor and review whole-school SEND provision and practices

How you'll learn

Local seminars: extend your learning with an expert, school leader facilitator, build your network and apply your learning to your own context.

Virtual school visits: visit some of the country’s leading schools, learning about how they have developed and improved their practice over time to deliver exceptional outcomes and experiences for young people.

Online masterclasses: hear school-based sector experts sharing best practice from their context and experience.

Online group coaching: apply your learning to scenarios and to your own context, with the feedback and guidance of an expert school-based coach.

Online self-studies: learn cutting-edge research and how it is being applied successfully in schools.


The DfE has now confirmed that all state schools are eligible for fully-funded places on the NPQ for SENCOs Autumn 2024 cohort.