unlocking academic and personal potential of students

Personal Potential

We place equal emphasis on academic and personal potential as we strive to achieve our mission and enable children to thrive.

Personal potential means that children are all and more than they ever thought they could be. It is about developing children's character and enabling them to find and discover their passions and interests. When young people discover their passions, it helps them to discover their purpose.

Unlocking personal potential enables children to believe that if they could be good at one thing, they can take that into all aspects of their lives and become all and more than they ever thought they could be. You can read about some of the extraordinary opportunities and experiences that enable children to unlock their personal potential below.

ASPIRE Framework

Our aim is for all of the students in the WAT family to have high aspirations for their future and to be inspired in the present to take action towards their hopes and dreams. Our ASPIRE Framework supports students reaching their personal ASPIRE Mountain summit unlocking their academic and personal potential. 

We work collaboratively with the Jubilee Centre at University of Birmingham to ensure our six character virtues of respect, responsibility, resilience, compassion, collaboration and creativity are ‘taught’, ‘caught’ and ‘sought’ in learning and in life. Across our family of schools,  students aspire in every lesson, every day to be the best learners and best people that they can be.

The WAT Pledge

The WAT Pledge was developed by our Student Senate and is our promise to students of experiences/accomplishments, 11 before 11 in primary and 12 in secondary, that they will achieve before leaving school. Alongside a huge range of extra-curricular activities, the pledge expands learning beyond the classroom, builds cultural capital and helps students unlock their academic and personal potential.

student expedition

Student Senate and Student Leadership

Our Student Senate is made up of 100 student leaders from year three onwards across our family of schools. The Senate was created to further our mission of unlocking academic and personal potential by empowering students to become self-regulating, take responsibility for themselves and others as contributing citizens.

The Senate provides extraordinary enrichment experiences that help students become the best learners and best people they can be. It is a place for students to express their voice, to take action and through their leadership to positively impact the Windsor Academy Trust family, the wider community and ultimately the planet.

Student engagement opportunities, such as the Senate, empower our students to speak about issues that are important to them and influence decision making. Our Student Senate demonstrates to students that their voices and opinions matter and that they can help shape the future. For example, the Senate helped develop the WAT Pledge and are playing a critical role in sustainability development across our family of schools.

Alongside the Senate, children undertake a range of leadership roles and responsibilities on an individual and trust-wide level. This includes house and school council representatives, prefects and subject leaders. These experiences enable students to contribute to school life and become well-rounded citizens who want to make a difference in the world.

student leadership at windsor academy trust


All of our schools offer vibrant enrichment and extensive extra-curricular activities. We place a high value on sport, arts, clubs and house activities, as we strive to ensure that we maximise our students’ personal potential.

Students have regular opportunities to express themselves and perform live in front of audiences in events and activities throughout the year, such as dance showcases and school shows. Further encouraging creativity, all of our schools are on their journey towards Artsmark. Artswork gives students access to a diverse, high-quality cultural education and builds confidence, character and resilience through creativity.

Further enrichment opportunities are provided through school house systems. These enable students to work together and take part in a wide range of activities and competitions.  

The bi-annual Windsor Academy Trust Conference brings together students and staff from across our family for a day of inspirational learning and celebration. Students play an integral part in the day and the event provides many enrichment opportunities,  with students across all of our schools showcasing their talent through a variety of live performances. The 2021 conference marked our 10th anniversary and you can watch a summary of the day below.

WAT Conference 2021: New Frontiers