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WAT Reach

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Big Move 5: WAT Reach 

Expand the WAT family reach through support for other schools and trusts and through sustainable growth

Welcome to Big Move 5: WAT Reach

At Windsor Academy Trust, our impact goes beyond the classroom. We recognize the importance of collaboration, innovation, and shared learning to provide a brighter future for all children. With our Big Move 5: WAT Reach initiative, we aim to expand our network and create lasting, positive change for more students, schools, and communities.

Our WAT Reach initiative is focused on seven key drivers:

  1. Increase student admissions in current WAT schools
  2. Open Free Schools
  3. Engage with potential schools and trusts for support and membership
  4. Strengthen relationships with Regional Schools Commissioners
  5. Build connections with Local Authorities and educational leaders
  6. Offer school improvement support as a preview of WAT membership benefits
  7. Share the impact of WAT to inspire schools to join our family

From this page, you can learn more about the benefits of joining the WAT family and the unique contributions we offer to our members. If you're interested in exploring a partnership with WAT or enquiring about your school or trust joining our network, click on the tiles below to begin your journey.

Together, we can unlock the potential of every student, create thriving learning communities, and shape the future of education for the greater good. Join us in our Big Move 5: WAT Reach initiative as we expand our impact and foster sustainable growth.