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Codified Approaches

Introducing the WAT Way: Codified Approaches to School Improvement

At Windsor Academy Trust, we believe in the power of collaboration and alignment to drive school improvement. Our unique approach, known as the "WAT Way," is built upon codified methodologies that have been developed collaboratively, grounded in research, and informed by innovative and impactful practice.

The WAT Way provides a flexible framework that caters to each school's stage in their improvement journey within the WAT School Transformation Model. By focusing on key areas of school improvement, we ensure that our member schools have the tools and support needed to thrive.

Explore Our Codified Approaches:

On this page, you'll find detailed information on the codified approaches that drive school improvement within the WAT family. These approaches include:

  1. WAT Professional Learning and Talent: Empowering educators and staff with ongoing development and growth opportunities.
  2. WAT Digital Learning: Harnessing the power of technology to enhance teaching, learning, and collaboration.
  3. WAT Developing Teacher and Learner Effectiveness: Fostering an environment that supports continuous improvement and success for both educators and students.
  4. WAT Curriculum: Designing and implementing a rigorous, well-rounded curriculum that prepares students for lifelong learning and success.
  5. WAT Assessment: Utilizing effective assessment practices to diagnose student needs and inform instruction.

In addition to these approaches, the WAT Way covers critical areas such as safeguarding, behavior, personal potential and cultural capital, digital technology, inclusion, and quality assurance.

By embracing the WAT Way, our member schools can expect a comprehensive and supportive framework that enables them to excel in all areas of education. Dive into each of our codified approaches by clicking on the tiles below, and discover how the WAT Way can supports our schools and unlocks the full potential of our students.