Windsor Academy Trust, Trinity Point, High St, Halesowen B63 3HY


All of our schools offer vibrant enrichment and extensive extra-curricular activities. We place a high value on sport, arts, clubs and house activities, as we strive to ensure that we maximise our students’ personal potential.

Students have regular opportunities to express themselves and perform live in front of audiences in events and activities throughout the year, such as dance showcases and school shows. Further encouraging creativity, all of our schools are on their journey towards Artsmark. Artswork gives students access to a diverse, high-quality cultural education and builds confidence, character and resilience through creativity.

Further enrichment opportunities are provided through school house systems. These enable students to work together and take part in a wide range of activities and competitions.  

The bi-annual Windsor Academy Trust Conference brings together students and staff from across our family for a day of inspirational learning and celebration. Students play an integral part in the day and the event provides many enrichment opportunities,  with students across all of our schools showcasing their talent through a variety of live performances. The 2021 conference marked our 10th anniversary and you can watch a summary of the day below.