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WAT a Run 2024

Support the Windsor Academy Trust WAT a Run Sponsored Challenge! 

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Join us for WAT a Run 2024, as we embark on a unique two-day event on May 11th and 12th, aimed at uniting our community for a worthy cause.

Last year’s WAT a Run event helped us to open our fund. Now, we want to build on this further with our new ‘Bed & Breakfast’ campaign -  a long-term fundraising initiative to raise enough money to ensure all young people in our schools have a bed to sleep in at home and breakfast when they come to school. We are hoping to get to our next milestone of £20,000 during this years event.

WAT a Run 2024 has been thoughtfully designed to be as inclusive as possible, ensuring everyone can participate comfortably. Day 1 and Day 2 feature routes of varying distances, accommodating all fitness levels, with manageable paces ensuring everyone can keep up. Additionally, a support vehicle will accompany the runners at all times, providing refreshments and first aid to ensure safety and hydration. Join us to make a meaningful impact while enjoying a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Your participation is not just a run; it's a step towards making a significant difference. Sign up below and be part of this impactful journey.

Don't forget to check out last year's blog to see the joy and unity our event brings.

WAT a Run News Blog

WAT a Run 2023 Film


If you aren't able to join us but still wish to support you can donate here:


We greatly appreciate all donations but we must give a special mention to two organisations that have got us off to a fantastic start with our fundraising efforts. Our headline sponsors Lord Combustion Services and CHG Meridian UK, thank you!

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The Route

Day One

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Day Two

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WAT a Run 2024 Fundraising Pack

Distances and Top Tips



Training Tips

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WAT a Run Registration Form

Thank you for supporting the WAT Community Foundation. We are so pleased to have you on board!

Please note, you do not need to complete this form if you are participating in one of the school events. If you would like to sign up for the fun run at Kingswinford Academy, the final part of the event you can do so by clicking on the button below, this event is open to EVERYONE!

Kingswinford Academy Fun Run