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Aspiring Educators

Aspiring Educators

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Gain a profound understanding of the dynamic field of education through the Aspiring Educators 23/24 Programme. Designed for ambitious students interested in pursuing a teaching career, this programme combines theoretical study, practical placements, and guest lectures to offer a comprehensive educational experience.

Why Choose Aspiring Educators?

Our Aspiring Educators 23/24 Programme uniquely blends theory and practice, local insights with global perspectives, to invigorate your passion for teaching and prepare you for a profoundly rewarding career.

The Journey Ahead: Programme Structure

The Aspiring Educators 23/24 Programme is a term-long journey for Year 12 or 13 students, blending practical primary school placements with focused sessions on Wednesdays from 1.30pm to 3pm. The curriculum ranges from the essentials of teaching, lesson planning, and individual learning needs, to principles of safeguarding. You'll also gain from interactions with experienced educators, learning from their stories and insights.

Primary School Placement: The Heart of the Journey

The Aspiring Educators 23/24 Programme places you in the heart of a classroom, offering a firsthand experience of teaching. During this immersion, you'll observe teachers, interact with students, and experience the joy and impact of education. Reflection on these experiences will deepen your understanding of teaching methodologies and inspire a profound respect for this transformative profession.

Insights from the Experienced: Guest Speakers

The Aspiring Educators 23/24 Programme offers unparalleled interactions with a diverse range of guest speakers, from early childhood educators to school senior leaders. These sessions expose you to the multifaceted world of teaching, showcasing the triumphs, innovations, and challenges within the profession. Through engaging dialogues, you'll challenge your preconceptions, broaden your views, and reignite your passion for teaching. You'll gain insight into the complexity of the teaching profession and the myriad opportunities it presents. As you listen, learn, and engage with these passionate professionals, you'll find yourself inspired to make your mark in the world of education.

Certification and Graduation: Marking the End of One Journey and the Start of Another

The Aspiring Educators 23/24 Programme concludes with a celebratory certification ceremony, marking not only the end of your journey with us but the exciting beginning of your career in education. This certificate stands as a testament to your dedication, insights, and transformation, encapsulating every lesson learned and milestone achieved. It validates your readiness for the world of education, reflecting your comprehensive exposure to the field, from practical experience to theoretical study. Providing a competitive edge, the certificate demonstrates your initiative, dedication, and preparedness for the teaching vocation. Beyond professional advantages, it serves as a memento of your journey of discovery, growth, and transformation. The certification ceremony celebrates you, your resilience, and ambition, reflecting on your progress and the promising future ahead.

Taking the First Step: How to Apply

In the first instance please email the relevant member of staff below to express your interest.

Windsor Sixth Form:

Mrs J Dhanoya

Aspire Sixth Form:

Mr R Killeen