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Early Career Framework

The Early Career Framework (ECF) was established by the Department for Education to give teachers more training and development opportunities at the beginning of their career.

As part of the ECF reforms, all new teachers receive two years of funded developmental support and training as well as access to a mentor who has experience in a similar setting.

Windsor Academy Trust is excited to be working as an Associate College with the National Institute of Teaching for Early Career development. Our programme is built upon the latest educational research and provides a continuous two year journey for teachers early in their teaching careers.

Our programme includes excellent online learning resources, national conferences and half-termly in-person training sessions. In addition, mentors supporting new teachers will be provided with powerful training enabling them to provide support through actionable strategies to be used in the classroom.



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Our team will be happy to talk to you further about these changes, whether you are a CPL lead, a mentor in school or a new teacher. Get in touch at to arrange a conversation.

Early Career Framework FAQs

What is meant by the induction period?  

The induction period refers to the first two years of teaching following QTS being awarded.

Does the induction period have to be served in the same school?  

No, the induction period can be served in more than one school but the minimum time that will be counted is one term

Do you have to pass your ECF element of the induction period?  

No, the ECF is the name given to the set of entitlements that all teachers in their first two years of teaching should receive as a matter of course.  They are:

  • a dedicated mentor, ideally in the same subject/ age range the ECT teaches
  • 10% additional non contact time in year 1
  • 5% additional non contact time in year 2
  • access to training designed specifically to meet the needs of new teachers.  The DfE has a range of national providers of the ECF, this includes the National Institute of Teaching for whom Windsor Academy Trust acts as a delivery partner

They are not a measure against which an ECT is assessed.

What is the role of an Appropriate Body[AB]?

An AB oversees the assessment element of the induction period.  To retain QTS ECTs must pass this element of their induction period.  Schools write the final report at the end of the two year period which makes the recommendation of passing or failing the induction.  There should be no surprises here, any ECT in danger of not passing the induction period should be told with plenty of time and opportunity to make necessary improvements.