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Early Career Framework

The Early Career Framework (ECF) was established by the Department for Education to give teachers more training and development opportunities at the beginning of their careers.

As part of the ECF reforms, early career teachers are now able to receive two years of funded development support and training and access to a mentor who has experience in a similar setting.

We are excited to be working as an Associate College for the National Institute of Teaching, as well as the University of Birmingham and Capita for Early Career development. Their programmes are built upon a deep knowledge of developing teachers and provide a continuous two  year journey for teachers early in their training and teaching careers.

Their programmes combine fabulous online learning resources, conferences with detailed development on instructional coaching and half-termly training sessions. In addition, mentors supporting these new teachers will be provided with powerful training enabling them to provide the support that enables immediate, actionable strategies to be used in the classroom.


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Early Career Framework FAQs

Is the 10% release time in addition to PPA time or as it stands now?

The 10% additional release time will begin from September 2021 for ECT1s and will be in addition to PPA time.

Will ECT 2s receive 5% release time for September 2021?

Yes from September all Windsor Academy Trust ECT 2s will receive their additional 5% release time, although nationally this won’t begin until September 2022.

Can the ECF 1 mentor and ECF 2 mentor be the same?

Yes this will be absolutely fine, but workload may be increased, so this just needs to be considered when deploying staff.

Do ECTs need to gather evidence of completing the ECF?

Evidence gathering will remain unchanged and continue as it currently does i.e to gather evidence of meeting the Teacher standards.

The Early Career Framework is induction to the profession and as such there is no requirement to gather additional evidence of coverage of the ECF.

We will continue to work with NTA to assess if an ECT has met the Teacher standards, using existing processes to gather information as to whether the teacher standards have been met:

Monitoring of assessment – appropriate bodies will make the final decision as to whether the ECT has satisfactorily met the Teachers’ Standards, based on the headteacher’s recommendation.

This process will continue unchanged and will run in addition to ECF induction.

Will ECTs continue to gather evidence of meeting the Teacher Standards?

ECTs in Y1 and Y2 will continue to gather evidence against the TS but it is up to schools as to how much and how this is collated. This should be naturally occurring evidence. When our Appropriate Body (NTA) conducts QA visits in schools they will need to see a clear and easily accessible portfolio of evidence against the TS.


Who will be the appropriate body?

We currently use and will continue to use NTA.