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10 Questions with Dawn Haywood: TES Delves into the Vision and Passion of Our CEO

6th April 2023

At Windsor Academy Trust, we are always excited to share the accomplishments and visions of our exceptional team members. We are particularly proud of our CEO, Dawn Haywood, who recently spoke with Tes about her journey in education and her commitment to making a difference in young people's lives.

Screenshot 2023 04 06 at 10.08.32In the article, Dawn shares the inspiring story of how her PE teacher sparked her interest in education and helped her discover her passion for sports. She emphasises the importance of understanding one's purpose in education and praises the collaborative power of school trusts in the UK.

Dawn highlights Baroness Sue Campbell as a key influence in her career, championing the idea of understanding one's "why" before focusing on the "what" and "how." As Education Secretary, she would prioritise eliminating inequality and empowering young people and schools to play a stronger civic role in their communities.

We invite you to read the full article here to discover more about Dawn's remarkable journey and her vision for the future of education. At Windsor Academy Trust, we are honoured to have Dawn Haywood as our CEO, and her inspirational leadership continues to guide us towards a brighter, more inclusive, and empowering future in education.