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A Path of Transformation: From Intern to Aspiring Teacher - An Interview with Cameron Davies

19th June 2023

At Windsor Academy Trust (WAT), we believe in nurturing the potential of our interns, providing them with authentic experiences that shape their career decisions. Today, we're excited to share an inspiring story of one such former intern, Cameron Davies, who is currently training to become a teacher following his enriching internship journey with us.

With fond recollections, Cameron detailed his transformative journey, painting an enthralling picture of a teaching intern under the expert guidance of our ITE Lead, Nathalie Gothing. "Before the internship, I was drawn to teaching but unsure if it was the right fit for me. The internship at WAT provided the practical, in-classroom experience I needed to solidify my career choice," Cameron shared.

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Diving deeper into his internship journey, Cameron described the variety of tasks he undertook, from planning lessons and marking papers to being actively involved in classroom environments. "The beauty of this internship lies in its hands-on approach. The energy, the exchange of ideas, the challenges and the satisfaction of making a difference — it's truly remarkable," he said.

Cameron strongly believes that the experiences provided by the internship can help any prospective teacher make an informed decision about their career path. "Enter with an open mind and give your best effort," he advised future interns. "Invest time in conversations with both students and teachers. These interactions offer insights that go beyond textbooks."

We also had the chance to catch up with Nathalie Gothing, who played a crucial role in guiding Cameron throughout his internship. Reflecting on Cameron's journey, Nathalie said, "Cameron's passion for teaching was apparent from the start, and it was a delight to witness his growth throughout his internship. Our internship programme aims to provide aspiring teachers with a real-world view of teaching, and Cameron's journey exemplifies this goal perfectly."

Nathalie continued, "An internship gives anyone considering teaching a valuable insight into what it really means to be a teacher. It offers firsthand experience of the joys and challenges of teaching, enabling individuals to decide whether this profession is indeed for them. Seeing Cameron evolve from an intern to an aspiring teacher confirms the efficacy of our programme."

Cameron's story serves as an inspiration for all those contemplating a teaching career. His journey from an intern to an aspiring teacher underscores the valuable role that real-world internships can play in shaping an individual's career trajectory.

We're proud to have played a part in Cameron's journey towards becoming a teacher and are excited to see how he uses this experience to inspire students in his future classrooms.

At WAT, we continue to commit ourselves to provide enriching internship experiences that help shape the teachers of tomorrow, just like Cameron.