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A Sustainable Future Unfolds: WAT COP 2023 at Windsor Olympus Academy

24th October 2023

Friday, 13th October was more than just another day at Windsor Olympus Academy. It was the day when the entire Windsor Academy Trust family - all twelve schools - united under one roof, driven by a shared vision for sustainability.

Our Director of Operations, Chris Berry, welcomed everyone with enthusiasm, emphasising how "Education is the seed of change." After his invigorating opener, he introduced our esteemed guests, Jo Pettifer from Let’s Go Zero and Paul Turner from the Ministry of Eco Education. Their collective message was a potent one: each of us, irrespective of age, can make a difference in addressing the looming climate emergency.

Through a series of workshops, attendees delved deep into the multifaceted world of sustainability. Among them, Sarah Makhmudova stood out, recounting her journey from a school campaigner against single-use plastics to challenging the government about their approach to climate change.

The highlight? The final workshop of the day. Students from our schools collaborated passionately, devising Sustainability Action Plans. It was a vivid portrayal of what can be achieved when young minds come together.

Our CEO, Dawn Haywood, summed up the day’s spirit perfectly: "Sustainability isn't just an initiative for us. It's interwoven into everything we do, from our digital approach to the decarbonisation of our estates. It’s about shaping the future by acting responsibly today."

Experience the warmth and energy of the day by checking out our vlog:

To our parents, carers, and the broader community: join us as we continue on this transformative journey.