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An Unforgettable London Dance Experience – A Summer of Dreams Come True

12th July 2023 – Tags: ASPIRE

In what turned out to be an extraordinarily enriching summer term, pupils from five primary schools under the Windsor Academy Trust embarked on a thrilling adventure to the heart of British theatre – London. A total of 280 vibrant and enthusiastic pupils participated in a unique dance workshop at the renowned Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden, soaking in invaluable insights from seasoned West End performers.

Manor Way Primary Academy and Tenterfields Primary Academy, each bringing in 60 pupils, revelled in the magic of 'Wicked' at the Apollo Theatre. The 40 participants from Colley Lane Primary Academy were captivated by the playful brilliance of 'Matilda' at the Cambridge Theatre. Rivers Primary Academy, with its cohort of 60, relished the awe-inspiring spectacle of 'The Lion King' at the Lyceum Theatre. Last but not least, the 60 pupils from Goldsmiths Primary Academy were tickled by the hilarious mishaps in 'The Play that Goes Wrong' at the Duchess Theatre, as part of a rewarding residential experience.

Our attendees were far from mere spectators; they dived deep into the theatrical world, absorbing and learning from accomplished performers. An attending staff member beautifully summed up the impact, noting, "The true magic of the performance was reflected not on stage, but in the awestruck faces of our students."

A fellow audience member at one of the performances shared, "The joy and excitement radiating from your group was absolutely infectious. The children's enthusiastic singing and laughter truly added to the delightful ambiance of the theatre."

This sentiment resonated with parents as well. One touched parent messaged, "I'm deeply grateful to you and the teachers involved in the London trip. My child has experienced something unforgettable, a memory I wouldn't have been able to provide. This will last a lifetime, thank you!"

Cara McLaughlin, WAT Head of Dance at Windsor Academy Trust, also weighed in on the impact of this trip, stating, "Exposing our students to the thriving world of West End theatre has been an inspirational journey. To see the spark in their eyes, their zeal and determination after these workshops, reaffirms our commitment to nurturing their passion. This trip was about more than dance and theatre. It was about raising aspirations, breaking boundaries, and creating lifelong memories."

This trip encapsulates the essence of Windsor Academy Trust's ethos to broaden horizons and provide students with experiences that foster creativity and ambition. As we look back at this memorable summer term, we are thrilled to share a gallery of pictures capturing these unforgettable moments. Enjoy reliving these experiences and join us as we look forward to many more such adventures.