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Kingswinford Academy Hosts Live Broadcast of BBC Radio 4's Any Questions

29th June 2023

Kingswinford Academy, part of Windsor Academy Trust, had the honour of hosting the live broadcast of BBC Radio 4's Any Questions this week. This captivating event took place on Friday, and brought together a panel of distinguished guests and a vibrant audience, eager to engage in insightful discussions on pressing societal issues. 

The panel of guests for this edition of Any Questions comprised Wes Streeting MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands, Ellie Chowns, Housing and Communities Spokesperson from the Green Party, and Ella Whelan, a renowned journalist and author. These individuals brought a wealth of expertise and diverse perspectives to the table, setting the stage for thought-provoking discussions.

Under the able guidance of Any Questions presenter Alex Forsyth, the panel delved into a wide range of topics in response to questions posed by the audience. One of the key issues explored was the impact of increasing interest rates on the economy. The guests presented varying viewpoints, offering insights into the potential consequences and possible strategies to mitigate adverse effects.

Another critical topic was the ongoing junior doctors' strikes and the need to find a resolution. The panel engaged in a passionate exchange of ideas, highlighting the importance of valuing and supporting healthcare professionals while acknowledging the complexities of the issue.

Brexit, a topic that continues to shape the national discourse, also found its way into the discussion. The panel explored whether the West Midlands region had experienced any benefits as a result of Brexit. The opinions expressed demonstrated the multifaceted nature of the debate, with perspectives ranging from positive economic opportunities to concerns regarding regional impact.

The participation of the audience added an extra layer of dynamism to the event. Attendees posed thoughtful and challenging questions to the panel, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the topics at hand. This direct interaction with prominent figures in politics, journalism, and public life created a unique atmosphere of democratic dialogue and intellectual exchange.

Kingswinford Academy's students played an active role in making this event a memorable one. They showcased their culinary talents by preparing canapés for the panel guests, demonstrating their commitment to hospitality and adding a personal touch to the occasion. Following the broadcast, the students had the privilege of meeting the panelists in the Green Room, engaging in informal conversations and gaining valuable insights from their experiences and expertise.

Ian Moreton, Headteacher at Kingswinford Academy, commented: “The hosting of BBC Radio 4's Any Questions at Kingswinford Academy was a fantastic opportunity for the school. The event offered a unique platform for insightful discussions and intellectual exchange, thanks to the esteemed panel guests and the engaged audience. The participation of students further added to the vibrancy of the occasion. By embracing such opportunities, Kingswinford Academy continues to foster an environment that nurtures curiosity, critical thinking, and active citizenship among our students.”