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Champions Rise: Windsor Academy Trust Games Spotlight Future Sports Stars!

20th September 2023

The Windsor Academy Trust Primary Games at Aldersley Stadium in Wolverhampton was a resounding celebration of youthful athleticism and competitive spirit. This event, which welcomed a whopping 175 students from seven trust primary schools, was especially notable for the introduction of two new WAT family members: Milton Primary Academy and Greenway Primary Academy. Both schools made their mark with brilliant performances and demonstrated real.

Morning events saw young athletes dive into hockey and tag rugby, with the excitement being attributed to inspirations from the Summer's World Athletics Championships and the current Rugby World Cup. Notably, Greenway Primary Academy clinched the victory in a nail-biting tag rugby event, while Colley Lane Primary Academy dominated with an unbeaten streak in hockey. Moreover, Milton Primary Academy's commendable performances led to securing two third-place finishes.

Leanne Bridgwood, Executive Headteacher and Trust Primary Lead, said: "The commitment, the competitive spirit, and above all, the power of collaboration displayed today were genuinely remarkable. A heartfelt thanks to our dedicated staff, especially James Perrin, whose meticulous organisation made this day a huge success."

The afternoon was charged with enthusiasm as all participants congregated in the athletics stadium. Cheers echoed as students from various academies showcased their prowess in 60 metres, 150 metres, 400 metres, standing long jump, and howler throw events. Manor Way Primary's Sam and Charlie, Tenterfield Primary Academy's Oscar and Effie, and Rivers Primary Academy's Teagwen, Honey, and Logan were among the standout performers. Goldsmith Primary Academy boys also made headlines, particularly with Mikel's awe-inspiring performance in the 4x100m relay.

Special acknowledgment goes to our Sports Leaders from Cheslyn Hay Academy. Their mature approach and dedication in supporting our younger participants were evident throughout the day. As representatives of our secondary institutions, they showcased leadership and served as commendable role models for the younger learners in our trust family.

Dawn Haywood, Trust CEO, reflected on the day, stating: "Today, we've not just provided an opportunity; we've ignited passions and unlocked personal potential. Our moral purpose is to continuously drive both academic and personal growth. As we conclude a tremendous week for our primary academies, marked by events like our iPad unboxings, I'm particularly thrilled to welcome and applaud the performances of our new trust family members, Milton Primary Academy and Greenways Primary Academy."

In a display of consistent excellence and tenacity, Colley Lane Primary Academy triumphantly secured the title as the overall winner of the WAT Primary Games for the second consecutive year. Their remarkable achievement wasn't just the result of isolated moments of brilliance but was underpinned by a series of outstanding individual and team performances. These displays of skill and teamwork showcased the academy's commitment to nurturing athletic prowess. The new entrants to the competition, Greenways and Milton Primary Academies, also made their presence strongly felt, clinching the second and third places respectively. Their impressive standings, especially in their debut year, hint at promising futures in upcoming events. Yet, the day belonged to Colley Lane, whose unwavering spirit and dedication to sportsmanship once again crowned them champions.

The Aspire Award, a recognition of character virtues, was deservedly awarded to Krejai from Goldsmith Primary Academy for demonstrating determination, respect, and compassion.

You can view a short film of the day here:

In essence, the Windsor Academy Trust Primary Games was not just a sporting event but a manifestation of the trust's commitment to holistic development, collaboration, and the celebration of excellence. We cannot wait for next yearโ€™s event, can anyone topple Colley Lane?

A gallery if the day is available below!