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Cheslyn Hay Academy Science Fair 2023: A Testament to Sustainability and Innovation within the Windsor Academy Trust

14th July 2023

On 13th July 2023, Cheslyn Hay Academy, a proud member of our Windsor Academy Trust family, hosted an exhilarating Science Fair. This event brilliantly embodied the fusion of scientific learning with sustainable practices - a key commitment of our Trust.

Mrs. Gemma Gleeson, Assistant Faculty Director of Science at Cheslyn Hay, deftly steered this event, which was inspired by our strategic plan, 'Big Move Four'. Over 70 creative minds from years 7 and 8 rose to the challenge, crafting intricate models of cells and atoms from recyclable materials like newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and yoghurt pots.


"Our students' ingenuity and scientific understanding, as showcased today, affirms that our approach to education is cultivating the right values," Mrs. Gleeson said. "Marrying learning and environmental responsibility is indeed possible."

The event enjoyed the astute judgement of Mrs. Harper, Windsor Academy Trust Director of Sciences, Mrs. Smith, Faculty Director, and Todd Jenkins from Harper Adams University. Their insightful feedback added an invaluable layer of interactive learning for our young scientists.

Our winners were:

Year 7 1st - Harlee and William 2nd - Amber 3rd - Matthew

Year 8 1st - Sophie 2nd - Oscar and Jack 3rd - Ellexus

The certificates were presented by our Headteacher, Mr. Tom Macdonald. "Our students' innovation and understanding of sustainable practices reflect the values we uphold as a school community," he said, expressing his immense pride. "Their efforts truly embody our strategic teaching direction at Cheslyn Hay."

Echoing the sentiments of Mr. Macdonald, Erica Harper, Windsor Academy Trust's Director of Sciences, emphasized the importance of infusing our science curriculum with sustainability, creativity, problem-solving, and environmental responsibility in her closing remarks.

We also received wonderful feedback from a parent:

"I just wanted to express our thanks and appreciation for the fantastic Science Fair. Seeing the students' engagement, interest, and knowledge was truly inspiring. My son Will is thrilled, and it was also a great opportunity for his younger sister to experience the magic of science at Cheslyn Hay. Congratulations on a successful event!"

Mrs. Gleeson also extended her heartfelt thanks, saying, "I am deeply grateful to our dedicated science department, school staff, parents, our brilliant students, and the entire Windsor Academy Trust for their unwavering support. This event is a testament to our collective efforts."

As we reflect on the triumphant Cheslyn Hay Academy Science Fair 2023, it is clear that this event stands as a shining example of our Trust's commitment to interweaving sustainable practices within our academic curriculum. We eagerly anticipate celebrating more such inspirational events across our family of schools