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Empowering Education: Windsor Academy Trust's Digital Revolution

28th February 2024

On the 25th January, Windsor Academy Trust hosted an impactful professional learning summit at Goldsmith Primary Academy, spotlighting our EmpowerED strategy. EmpowerED is about unlocking academic and potential through digital innovation. It represents our entire learning community thriving and flourishing together.   

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Sonya Lanckham, WAT’s Deputy Director of Education and a member of Apple's UK Digital Strategy Leaders Forum, spearheaded the event, emphasising the holistic development fostered by our digital approach.

The day was packed with activities, from lesson observations to presentations by learners and staff, illustrating digital technology's role in enhancing education.  “It was a joy witnessing the strategy brought to life from page to practice as a team in one of our own schools,” Sonya reflected. “This was a powerful professional learning opportunity to collectively witness how well our empowered strategy was landing in classrooms. This was an exceptional morning.”

In her insightful presentation, Sarah Ayres, SENDCO at Goldsmith, highlighted the transformative effects of the EmpowerED programme on SEN students. She detailed how tools like Zoom alleviate cognitive strain, engage hesitant writers, and eliminate handwriting obstacles, complemented by the use of spoken content. This integration, she notes, significantly elevates the learning experience for all students, particularly those with special educational needs.

Students shared their experiences with digital tools, highlighting how technology supported their learning. Quotes from students included:

Scaffolding helps us to work more independently.

Voice notes from the teacher help us to go back over and listen to an explanation or feedback.

Safari Reader helps us to reduce the cognitive load of our learners.

 The event also celebrated the certification of all Goldsmith Primary Academy staff as Apple Certified Teachers, a testament to our commitment to digital proficiency.

The morning session provided a solid foundation for deeper discussions on our EmpowerED strategy's impacts and future enhancements. Special thanks to Sal Khan, Digital Innovation Leader and teacher at Goldsmith Primary Academy, for his pivotal role in organising this event.

While digital technology alone isn't the complete solution, in the hands of great teachers it significantly amplifies the impact of skilled teaching. Properly integrated, it enhances educational methods, unlocking both academic and personal potential.