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Empowering Future Leaders: A Milestone Day Girls Football School Partnership Trust

20th February 2024

The Chase Leisure Centre in Cannock became a hub of inspiration and empowerment today as the Girls Go Lead Conference unfolded, bringing together young female leaders from across Staffordshire. Orchestrated by Christine Wood of Cheslyn Hay Academy, in her role as  Superhub Strategic Lead for the Girls Football School Partnership. The  event set a stage for nurturing leadership and fostering a love for sport among the next generation with the FA ambition  of achieving equal access for all Girls.

A Day of Empowerment and Growth

At the heart of today's success was the partnership with the Youth Sport Trust (YST), whose commitment to developing young leaders shone brightly throughout the event. The YST's dedication to unlocking the personal and academic potential of young people through sport has never been more evident than in today's sessions, designed to inspire, educate and empower. Staffs FA were also present to support the Leaders 

Chris Wood shared her enthusiasm for the day, saying, "My passion for bringing people into sport is deeply connected to the joy and growth it fosters. Today, thanks to Jenna and Jade from the Youth Sport Trust for inspiring the students. We've taken a significant step towards empowering these young women to discover their potential and the power of teamwork."

Jenna Downing from the YST highlighted the organisation's mission, "Our goal is to ensure that every participant leaves today feeling equipped and inspired to lead. We believe in the transformative power of sport, and it's a privilege to guide these aspiring leaders towards realising their full potential."

The conference was skillfully structured to mirror the lifecycle of a successful event – from conception to execution. Through immersive workshops and engaging football sessions, the participants gained firsthand experience in organising, marketing, and delivering sports events, setting the stage for the 'Biggest Girl Football Day' on March 8th.

The Impact of the Day

Feedback from the participants underscored the day's impact, with one student from Kingswinford Academy capturing the sentiment, "Today has been absolutely amazing! The lessons on planning and leading sports events were incredibly insightful. I can't wait to put everything into practice."

Forward Together

The Girls Go Lead Conference has not only been a day of learning and growth but also a significant step forward in the journey towards equality and leadership in sports. The enthusiasm and dedication of the YST, coupled with the passion and commitment of all involved, have laid a strong foundation for these young women to build upon.

As we anticipate the ripples of today's event in schools and communities, it's clear that the empowerment of these aspiring leaders is just beginning. The journey towards unlocking their potential, championed by the YST and supported by a community of educators and advocates, promises a brighter, more inclusive future in sports and beyond.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to champion these young leaders on their path to making a difference, not just on the field, but in every aspect of their lives.

Video Highlights of the Day