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Join us in supporting The Big Help Out during King Charles’ Coronation Year

7th June 2023

We are delighted to announce that Windsor Academy Trust is actively supporting “The Big Help Out” initiative during the momentous occasion of King Charles’ coronation year. 

As a civic organisation, we understand that schools and students thrive best when communities do. As such, we believe it is our duty to foster a spirit of community service, compassion and unity across our family of schools. The Big Help Out perfectly aligns with our values - and Big Move 3 of our strategy around civic leadership - and presents another opportunity for us to make a positive impact within our local communities. 

What is The Big Help Out?

The Big Help Out is a nationwide campaign aimed at encouraging individuals, organisations and communities to come together and make a difference through acts of kindness, volunteering and supporting those in need. It is a collaborative effort initiated to commemorate King Charles’ coronation year and uphold his vision of a compassionate and inclusive society. 

Why support The Big Help Out?

At Windsor Academy Trust, our students already regularly undertake civic activities that will make a positive difference in their communities. The Big Help Out provides another opportunity to teach the importance of volunteering and civic and social responsibility. By actively participating in this campaign, we can inspire our students to develop a lifelong commitment to helping others and create a positive impact that extends beyond the walls of our schools.

How we’re getting involved

  1. Providing opportunities for our students to volunteer time and skills to local community projects, charity organisations or initiatives that align with the WAT Pledge and The Big Help Out’s objectives. 
  2. Encouraging our staff to download The Big Help Out App to identify and support those organisations who are in need of volunteers. Whether it’s assisting at a food bank, participating in a litter pick or volunteering at a local shelter, every act of kindness counts.
  3. Spreading the word about The Big Help Out and its significance using social media to create awareness across our digital communities and inspire others to get involved. 
  4. Continuing to seek opportunities to collaborate with other educational institutions and community organisations to amplify the impact of our collective efforts. 

As we embark on this momentous year of King Charles’ coronation, let us come together as a community to support The Big Help Out. By engaging in acts of kindness, volunteering and supporting those in need, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

To find out more about The Big Help Out, please visit