Windsor Academy Trust, Trinity Point, High St, Halesowen B63 3HY
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My Work Experience at Windsor Academy Trust Central Team, By Huma Zaheer, Yr 13, Windsor High School and Sixth Form

1st September 2023

This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to experience the ins and outs of the Windsor Academy Trust Central Team and working behind the scenes at a multi academy trust as part of an organised work experience placement. I thought I'd share a bit about my time there with you.

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First Steps

When I first decided to spend some time with the Trust central team, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I've studied Law, Business, and Economics, but being in a real professional setting? That's different. However, from day one, everyone was supportive and friendly, which instantly put my nerves to rest.

The Work

IMG 4405 2I didn't just do odd jobs; I was given some solid projects. I put together a press release library which now sits at the entrance. It’s a collection that showcases all the achievements of our Trust. I felt super accomplished every time someone stopped by to read it!

The sustainability strategy meeting was another highlight. It was an insight into the planning and effort that goes into making sure the Trust runs smoothly and sustainably. I also came up with some fundraising ideas for the Trust’s Community Foundation and worked on some fresh content for the WAT website. So, if you notice new posts or updates throughout the year, know that I might've had a hand in that!

Feedback Matters

It’s one thing to do the work, but it's another to be recognised for it. Martin Lopez, the Head of Marketing, had some kind words: “Huma stood out from the get-go. She didn’t just wait for opportunities; she really got stuck in as a member of the team. The content she's worked on? It's top-notch and will be super helpful throughout the year. It's evident she put in genuine effort, and we're truly proud of her accomplishments while with us.”

My Takeaway

This stint at Windsor Academy Trust has been more than just 'work'. I've learned a lot, made some connections, and got a taste of the professional world. If you’re pondering getting some hands-on experience, don’t hesitate. It's valuable, and you’ll get to understand the workings of places like the Trust.

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Big shoutout to everyone at Windsor Academy Trust Central Team for the support and guidance. I hope my experience encourages more students to dive in and explore opportunities like this.