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Reflecting on a Milestone: Windsor Academy Trust at the NAASA Conference

4th March 2024

As Windsor Academy Trust continually seeks to pioneer in safeguarding within educational settings, our recent participation in the National Association of Academy Safeguarding Advisors (NAASA) conference has marked a significant milestone in our journey. This event, held in Warwick on the 28th of February, 2024, brought together experts from various Multi-Academy Trusts to delve into the theme of 'developing a culture of safeguarding'—a cornerstone of our ethos at Windsor Academy Trust.

Genna Griffiths, our dedicated Head of Safeguarding, represented the Trust, sharing our achievements and learning from fellow professionals. Her involvement in the panel focused on 'Ofsted inspections' provided invaluable insights into maintaining and enhancing safeguarding standards, a testament to her commitment and expertise in creating secure environments for our students.

Reflecting on the conference, Genna Griffiths shared,   

The NAASA conference was an enriching experience, offering a unique platform for exchanging ideas and best practices in safeguarding. Discussing 'Ofsted inspections' with peers from across the country not only highlighted our shared challenges but also our collective resolve to ensure the safety and well-being of every student. I return inspired and motivated, armed with new strategies to further embed a culture of safeguarding within our Trust.

The conference underscored the critical importance of collaboration and continuous learning in safeguarding. It was a reminder that while we may operate in different trusts or schools, our goal remains unified: to nurture safe, supportive, and inclusive educational environments.

Windsor Academy Trust's participation in the NAASA conference is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to safeguarding. It is through events like these that we reinforce our dedication to best practices, ensuring our students not only achieve academically but also flourish in safe and caring settings.

As we move forward, the insights gained from the conference will undoubtedly shape our strategies and initiatives. We are excited to implement new ideas and continue our collaboration with safeguarding professionals nationwide. Our journey towards excellence in safeguarding is ongoing, and the NAASA conference has been a pivotal step in that journey.

The NAASA conference has highlighted the critical importance of collaboration in safeguarding. It has reinforced our shared goal across all educational settings: ensuring the safety and well-being of every child. Inspired by the collective wisdom and innovative strategies shared, Windsor Academy Trust is more committed than ever to enhancing our safeguarding practices. This gathering was a step forward in our ongoing journey towards safeguarding excellence, driving us to make a lasting impact on the lives of the children we serve.