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World Book Day 2024: A Lively Celebration at Goldsmith Primary Academy, Accentuated by the Mayor's Visit

14th March 2024

Goldsmith Primary Academy, part of the Windsor Academy Trust, observed World Book Day on 7th March 2024 with a series of events aimed at celebrating literature and reading. The day was made notable by the presence of the Mayor of Walsall, highlighting the importance of literacy in the local community.

Students and staff participated in the day by dressing as characters from their favourite books, showcasing the wide range of literary interests across the school. The effort made by families and carers in supporting this endeavour was acknowledged by the academy.

A variety of literary-based activities took place, including creative projects inspired by books like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Elmer." These activities were designed to deepen the students’ engagement with literature.

The academy introduced a 'Book on a Door' competition, turning classroom doors into book covers, and a 'Whole School Story' initiative, which involved all students in a collaborative storytelling effort. These initiatives served to both decorate the school and foster a sense of communal achievement.

The visit from the Mayor of Walsall stood out as a highlight, offering an additional layer of significance to the celebrations, especially appreciated by the younger students. The Mayor's engagement highlighted the community’s commitment to promoting literacy among children.

The day also benefited from the participation of the Walsall Rotary Club, whose members attended and offered their support to the school's educational initiatives.

An activity titled ‘The Masked Reader’ added an element of mystery and fun, with staff members reading behind masks of book characters, sparking guesses and laughter among students.

The event concluded with a special library session, emphasising the joy of reading, and was led by Mrs Beech and Mrs Franks. The academy expressed gratitude towards Hannah Thorpe for her significant role in organising the day, and Max Wakeman, Head of School, noted the event’s contribution to enhancing literacy and community spirit.

The World Book Day celebration at Goldsmith Primary Academy not only acknowledged the joy and importance of reading but also reinforced literacy's role in community engagement and education, with the Mayor of Walsall's visit underscoring the broader support for these values within the community.