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Reflections on the PEIA Metacognition and Self-Regulation CPD Event at Walsall Football Club

22nd March 2024

Over the last two days, the Walsall and Sandwell Priority Education Investment Areas (PEIA) programme, Metacognition and Self-Regulation, marked another milestone with a captivating Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) event hosted at the iconic Walsall Football Club's Bescot Stadium. As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing educational outcomes, Windsor Academy Trust, in partnership with the Department for Education, led this galvanising event.

The sessions were spearheaded by the esteemed Doug Lemov and Erica Woolway from the Teach Like a Champion team, alongside a lineup of UK experts. The event, spanning two dynamic days from the 21st to the 22nd of March, marked a gathering of educators and experts, all focused on shaping the future of learning

Day One: A Dive into Cognitive Science and Practical Approaches

The opening day began with a warm welcome from Windsor Academy Trust Chief Executive Officer, Dawn Haywood, setting the tone for the event’s ambitious agenda and an insightful introduction into the objectives of the CPL. Participants were then treated to a primer on Cognitive Science, setting the stage for a deep dive into effective teaching strategies and metacognitive approaches. The focus on lesson preparation and means of participation provided attendees with concrete tools to foster a more engaged and reflective classroom environment.

Day Two: Writing, Observation, and Action Planning

The second day kicked off with an energising session on writing techniques, followed by active observation strategies that promise to reshape the way educators approach classroom dynamics. The highlight was the segment on 'Show Call and Redrafting', which demonstrated the power of feedback in elevating student work. The event closed with an extended action planning session by Doug Lemov's team, ensuring that every participant left with a roadmap for implementing change. The closing remarks from the project director, Owen Losse, perfectly encapsulated the event's spirit of collaborative growth and the forward momentum toward educational excellence.

The Steplab session, led by Josh Goodridge and Rachel Ball, provided an invaluable resource for teachers, emphasising the iterative process of teaching and learning through step-by-step guidance and peer support.

A Unified Movement Towards Empowerment

This CPL event was not just about the workshops and the sessions; it was about building a community. A community committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence in education through the principles of metacognition and self-regulation. It's about empowering educators to become architects of their own teaching strategies and, by extension, empowering students to take control of their learning journeys.

As we reflect on the success of these two days, it's clear that the journey ahead is promising. The dedication shown by the 40 schools participating in this strand of the PEIA programme is a testament to the collective desire to effect lasting change. By working alongside luminaries like Doug Lemov and benefiting from the expertise within Windsor Academy Trust and the wider Sandwell and Walsall education family, we are not just part of a programme; we are part of a movement.

As we look forward to the continuation of this 14-month initiative, our gratitude goes out to all who participated, organised, and contributed to the success of these days. The path to excellence is a shared one, and together, we are paving the way for a future where every student can harness the power of their own mind to achieve unparalleled success.

You can see some images from the day below, the full album please click here

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this journey, transforming the educational landscape, one reflective practice at a time.