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Remembering Sir Tim Brighouse: A Tribute to a Visionary in Education

21st December 2023

It is with profound sadness that we at the Windsor Academy Trust mourn the passing of Sir Tim Brighouse, a luminary in the field of education and a cherished Member of our Trust since February 2020.

Sir Tim's illustrious career, marked by his transformative roles as the schools commissioner for London, where he lead the highly regarded London Challenge, and chief education officer for Birmingham and Oxfordshire, has left an indelible mark on the landscape of education. His unique approach, characterised by a deep belief in the power of teaching and the potential of every student, revolutionised educational practices and outcomes.

At Windsor Academy Trust, we were immensely privileged to have Sir Tim as a Member. His insights and wisdom were instrumental in steering our direction and strengthening our commitment to educational excellence. As a guardian of the Trust, Sir Tim played a pivotal role in supporting our board, always ensuring that our decisions aligned with our moral purpose of unlocking academic and personal potential.

Our CEO, Dawn Haywood, reflecting on Sir Tim's impact, shared heartfelt words on X, formerly known as Twitter: "So sad to hear this news. Sir Tim Brighouse was a shining light in education. So privileged Sir Tim was a Member of @WinAcadTrust. Thank you, Sir Tim, for everything. Your legacy will last forever."

His passing is not just a loss to those who knew him but to the entire educational community. Sir Tim Brighouse's legacy, however, endures. It lives on in the improved performance of students across various regions, in the enlightened practices of educators influenced by his philosophy, and in the thriving communities that have benefited from his visionary leadership.

As we bid farewell to Sir Tim, we extend our deepest sympathies to his family and all who were touched by his remarkable life. In 2024 we plan to continue a project close to Sir Tim's heart – a sustainability conference involving our Sixth Forms, collaborating with other Trusts in the West Midlands. This initiative, part of the work Sir Tim was passionately involved in before his passing, reflects his commitment to shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for our students and communities.