Windsor Academy Trust, Trinity Point, High Street, Halesowen, B63 3HY

Sustainable Education Summit: Bridging Cultures for a Greener Tomorrow

17th November 2023

A Two-Day Journey of Learning and Collaboration

In a landmark two-day event emphasising sustainability and student agency, Windsor Academy Trust took significant strides, aligning seamlessly with its Big Move Four strategy. This strategy aims to instil a deep respect for the natural environment and advance the goal of becoming one of the most sustainable school trusts in the country.

Day One: Intercultural Exchange at Windmill Village

The event commenced at the Windmill Village Hotel, Golf Club & Spa, where the first day was marked by significant contributions from key WAT figures. Colley Lane Primary Headteacher Dominic Simpson and Windsor Academy Trust Director of Operations were among the prominent speakers, highlighting the day with their insights. They, along with a number of our fabulous students, shared thoughts and experiences, embodying the ethos of environmental care and stewardship at the heart of WAT's mission.

Day Two: The Sustainable Education Summit

The day of cultural and educational exchange set the tone for the Sustainable Education Summit on the following day. European schools, including Collegi Montserrat Barcelona, Cals College Nieuwegein, and Ir Lely Lyceum Amsterdam, joined in this endeavour, presenting their own sustainable strategies and achievements. The workshops, which were hosted at Windsor High School and Sixth Form and WAT Central, focused on practical sustainability solutions, a direct reflection of Big Move Four's objectives.

Building a Network of Sustainable Schools

The creation of a network for ongoing collaboration among schools emerged as a key achievement, signifying a major step towards WAT's aspiration to be a leader in sustainable education.

Reflecting on the Impact and Future Steps

This two-day event not only showcased the students' impressive commitment to environmental issues but also highlighted the leadership and vision of WAT educators and administrators. Their collective efforts and the enthusiastic participation of students exemplified the ethos of caring for the environment and the drive towards carbon neutrality, core to Big Move Four.