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Unleash the full potential of your iPad

10th October 2022

When Windsor Academy Trust took the decision to provide one-to-one digital devices for students, it was obvious that students and staff would need training and support if the power of digital technology was to be fully exploited in lessons. To realise these ambitions, and following initial induction and training sessions for both staff and students on the use of Apple iPads in education, the decision was made to create a central hub of resources that would facilitate the students’ ability to self-regulate and develop digital expertise, continuing their learning journey beyond the physical restrictions of the school day.

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Gavin Hood, the trust’s Digital Learning Lead, set about creating the WAT Student Digital Learning Hub, providing students with the support they would need to thrive as digital learners. The hub signposts digital solutions to a wide variety of learning scenarios and provides links to tutorials so that students can develop their repertoire of digital learning skills at a pace that meets their personal educational needs.


 Gavin said:

“I believe that the strength of the hub is that students can identify digital solutions and learn how to use them through a variety of search pathways; by subject, task, device type or learner skill”.

The WAT Strategic Leader of Teaching and Learning, Sonia Lanckham, is also very excited about the platform:

The WAT secondary student digital learning hub is an exceptional platform that supports our learners to self-regulate and develop digital expertise at their own pace.

WAT Student Digital Learning Hub

See the student tutorial here