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WAT Family PAs Gain Insights at the PA Forum Learning and Development Conference

22nd June 2023

On Thursday, June 15th, the PA Forum Learning and Development Conference took place at the splendid venue of voco, St. Johns, Solihull. The event was a monumental opportunity for learning, networking, and development. The Windsor Academy Trust (WAT) family was well represented, with our passionate team of PAs attending the conference to expand their knowledge and enhance their professional development.

The agenda was a medley of insightful talks and workshops from industry leaders and international motivational speakers, tackling topics from Artificial Intelligence's role in business support to overcoming Imposter Phenomenon and self-doubt. Between presentations, attendees engaged with sponsors and partners in the welcome and refreshment area, fostering connections and broadening their professional networks.

Our PAs' participation was not just a learning experience but also an opportunity to contribute their insights to this vibrant community. Rhiannon Hopcroft, Executive PA to the Trust CEO and a member of the organising committee of the forum, shared her thoughts: "Being part of the organising committee was a privilege. Seeing our collective effort come to fruition and provide a platform for PAs to learn, grow, and connect was an incredibly rewarding experience."

The day ended with a reception and networking opportunity, where prize winners from various stands were announced. But beyond the prizes and giveaways, the real reward was the wealth of knowledge gained and the relationships formed.

As we look back on this eventful day, we're grateful for opportunities like the PA Forum Learning and Development Conference that empower the WAT family PA network to continue growing and delivering their best in their roles. Their enthusiasm to learn and bring their learnings back to the Trust reflects the essence of WAT's values - collaboration, responsibility, and pride in excellence.

We look forward to many more such opportunities that support the professional growth of our WAT family members, and we are eager to see our PAs continue to shine and make their mark in the wider professional community.