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Celebrating Passionate Young Scientists: A Day of Discovery within the Windsor Academy Trust Family of Schools

7th June 2023

On a recent Friday, the bright young minds that emerged victorious from the science fairs across the primary schools of the Windsor Academy Trust were rewarded with an unforgettable experience at Great Wyrley Academy. This day of enrichment encapsulates our commitment to unlocking the academic and personal potential of each student and fostering a vibrant community among our family of schools.

Kelly Moore, headteacher at Great Wyrley Academy, reflected on the significance of hosting the event, "Providing this platform for young learners to further explore their scientific passions was a profound honour for us at Great Wyrley Academy. We saw first hand the spark of curiosity and the thirst for knowledge in these young scientists, and it's a moment we'll always cherish."

"The opportunity for our young scientists to delve deeper into science, beyond what they've learned in their respective schools, was inspiring to witness," said Max Wakeman, the Primary Science Curriculum Lead South. "Their excitement and curiosity were palpable." added Emma Morgan, Primary Science Curriculum Lead North.

The day kicked off with an engaging physics workshop conducted by Dr Jenny Watson. After a refreshing lunch break, the young scientists embarked on an intriguing journey into the realm of chemistry under the guidance of Erica Harper, the Trust's Director of Sciences. They explored intriguing topics such as the Hindenburg and combustion.

"Science is about understanding the world, and our workshop aimed to not only impart knowledge but also inspire continued exploration," Erica Harper reflected. "Unlocking their academic potential, we believe, is a path to unlocking their personal potential as well."

Adding to the enriching experience, Great Wyrley Academy students were present to lend support throughout the day. The collaboration created a dynamic atmosphere and offered numerous memorable moments and photo opportunities.

This harmonious event epitomises the spirit of community within our family of schools and reinforces the mission of the Windsor Academy Trust: to unlock the academic and personal potential 

"We understand that when young people discover their passion, they find their purpose," said Erica Harper. "Days like this are pivotal in uncovering those passions and inspiring our young learners to aim high and pursue their dreams."