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Windsor Academy Trust Celebrates Goldsmith Primary Academy's Community Orchard Project

20th April 2023

At Windsor Academy Trust, we take pride in the collaborative efforts and sustainable initiatives of our schools. We are thrilled to share the recent accomplishment of Goldsmith Primary Academy, with the creation of the school’s very own Community Orchard. This project demonstrates the power of partnership and the importance of sustainability, aligning perfectly with our Big Moves around Civic Impact and Sustainability.

IMG 8025 2 v2Goldsmith Primary Academy was able to source fruit trees through the Tree Council's 'Young Tree Champions' scheme and 'From the Ground Up,' thanks to the hard work and dedication of Rebecca Waldron, a teacher at Goldsmith. As a result, each class now has its own fruit tree to plant and nurture. To engage the entire school community, a competition was held where students could write poems, stories, or create fact files and posters about trees, sustainability, and biodiversity. The school's Eco Warriors judged the entries, and four students from each class were chosen to participate in the tree planting.

On Tuesday 28th March, Goldsmith Primary Academy held a planting day, bringing together the whole school community to witness the planting of the trees and celebrate this fantastic achievement. The Community Orchard stands as a testament to the resourcefulness and determination of the Goldsmith Primary Academy staff, and the Windsor Academy Trust as a whole.

This project showcases the incredible results that can be achieved through collaboration and partnership. By working together, we have created a space that not only contributes to the health of our planet but also teaches our students the importance of sustainability and civic responsibility.

We extend our gratitude to our partners for their support and resources and eagerly anticipate the growth and development of Goldsmith Primary Academy's Community Orchard in the years to come. It is a living reminder of the power of collective action and the potential for positive change when communities come together.

Don't forget to visit our website to see the amazing photos of our students planting the trees and creating the orchard – a wonderful achievement that we are proud to share with the world. Special thanks to Jennie Twells and Rebecca Waldron for driving the initiative and to the entire staff at Goldsmith Primary Academy for their support.