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Windsor Academy Trust takes to the stage at the World Education Summit 2024

4th March 2024

We are delighted to share that Windsor Academy Trust (WAT) will be joining educators from across the globe at this year's World Education Summit, taking place from 18th to 21st March 2024. The summit will feature our distinguished staff members as they contribute to pivotal discussions shaping the future of education.

Dawn Haywood, WAT's CEO, will be hosting a number of sessions on the Brave Leaders stage on the opening day, 18th March. This stage is dedicated to leaders who have embraced change and driven significant advancements in education. Dawn will navigate through a series of engaging sessions focusing on global trends, good governance, and the nuances of school improvement including:

  • Leora Cruddas, who will delve into "Responding to Global Trends" with a live session, exploring how schools can cultivate cultures of belonging amidst shifting global dynamics.
  • Samira Sadeghi, in a pre-recorded session alongside Lea Crusey, will address "The Importance of Good Governance," underlining the critical role governance plays in educational settings.
  • Steve Rollett will contribute his insights live on "Seeing School Improvement as a Field of Practice," sharing learnings from academy trusts in England.

Then, on 19th March, Leyla Palmer, WAT’s Head of Professional Learning and Talent, will share her expertise in a session focused on building future leaders, as part of the WAT Associates initiative under the "Cool Schools" segment.

WAT Associates   Session Graphic

The following day, 20th March, Claire Gething, Director of Communications, alongside Dawn Haywood, CEO, will present a session on "Harnessing the Power of Partnerships," emphasising the role of civic leadership and collaboration in enhancing public education.

Harnessing the Power of Partnerships   Session Graphic 1

On the final day, 21st March, Chris Berry, Director of Operations, will share his vision for a sustainable future in education, echoing WAT's commitment to environmental consciousness and future-ready learning environments.

The Journey to a More Sustainable Future   Session Graphic

Our participation in WES 2024 mirrors WAT's strategic big moves of Building Staff Talent, Civic Engagement and Sustainability, affirming our dedication to system contribution and educational leadership.

Join us as we support our WAT family members in these insightful discussions. Their involvement not only highlights our collective commitment to educational excellence but also sets the stage for future initiatives that will continue to inspire educators and students alike.

Stay tuned for updates, reflections, and more as we embark on this exciting journey at WES 2024. Let's celebrate the innovative contributions of our team and their dedication to shaping the future of education. 

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