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Windsor Academy Trust’s North Staffordshire schools recognised with global award

31st January 2024

In an era where digital innovation is shaping the future of education, Windsor Academy Trust’s (WAT) schools in North Staffordshire,  Clayton Hall Academy, Newcastle Academy, and Sir Thomas Boughey Academy, are celebrating after achieving distinguished Microsoft Showcase Systems status, a recognition awarded to only a select few globally.

Celebrating Individual Excellence:

Each of the three schools, who  joined the WAT Family in January 2024, has also achieved an individual Microsoft Showcase School award. This demonstrates their unique contributions to implementing digital technology in education, enhancing student learning experiences, and supporting teacher development.

A special mention goes to John Dooley, IT Lead at Windsor Academy Trust, who has worked tirelessly on the project. John's dedication and expertise in integrating digital technology have been instrumental in achieving this milestone.

Caty Reid, Headteacher at Clayton Hall Academy, said:

"Receiving this award is a testament to our relentless pursuit of educational excellence through digital innovation. At Clayton Hall Academy, we believe in creating an environment where technology not only enhances learning but also empowers our students to thrive in a digital world and I know my colleagues at Newcastle and Sir Thomas Boughey Academies feel exactly the same."


Chris Berry, Director of Operations atWindsor Academy Trust, added:

"Expanding the system contribution and reach of the WAT Family is a pivotal part of our strategy. These awards underscore our commitment to sustainable growth through supporting other schools and trusts. Our investment in digital infrastructure serves as an enabler of this innovation, ensuring that we not only reach more students but also significantly impact their academic and personal potential."

The journey towards one-to-one iPads for students and staff, and a shift towards cloud-first infrastructure, are concrete steps taken by WAT in building a future-ready educational environment. Emphasising innovation, WAT incubators lead the way in developing new teaching methods, fostering a culture where staff and students are encouraged to innovate and share knowledge across the WAT family.

The recognition of Clayton Hall Academy, Newcastle Academy and Sir Thomas Boughey Academy as Microsoft Showcase Systems is more than an award; it shows how committed our teams are to revolutionising education through digital technology. As we continue to expand our reach and impact, we remain committed to unlocking every student's academic and personal potential and making a meaningful difference in the lives of our young people.